Dazbog Coffee Franchise

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Dazbog Coffee Franchise

Anatoly (Tony) Yuffa and brother Leonid established the first Dazbog Coffee in 1996 and began franchising their brand in 2006. Today it has grown into one of the most famous coffee brands in the world.

The brand they offer is so popular, that it is hard for anyone to compete with it. They make the coffee from the highest quality beans which they collect all over the world. The name of Anatoly and Leonid’s coffee shop, “Dazbog”, comes from the words “Gods of Richness” in Russian. Anatoly and Leonid believe that when someone tastes their coffee they will immediately fall in love with it. They have a special name for that specific moment called the Dazbog moment. And according to them, the deep coffee flavor is made possible only with the careful selection of the coffee beans they use. They will always try to go that extra mile for their customers by never selling any coffee that is flat, bitter or even unsatisfying. Therefore, Dazbog customers can rest assured that they will only be served with high quality coffee.

A goal the owners want to reach is to let the company grow internationally and across the United States. Of course, reaching such a high standard will take a lot of time, commitment and hard work. They take care of each customer and they try to make them feel like home, making every visit to Dazbog Coffee an unforgettable one. Dazbog Coffee sets new standards for the finest coffee through the USA. Along with these fast growing coffee shops, a lot of new job openings appear. Creating new jobs is a praiseworthy fact taking into consideration the today’s world economy status. You can employ peopel as permanent or temporary waiters. Each client gets the most flavor-full coffee and the company gains in this manner more returning customers.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Dazbog Coffee Franchise

If you ever want to be the owner of one of the Dazbog Coffee franchises, the initial total investment can range between $187,300 and $376,800, the franchise fee is $25,000 with an ongoing royalty fee of 6% of your total gains. You must consider the fact that that the term of agreement is not renewable. A third party type of financing is available if you require to purchase your own Dazbog Coffee franchise.

As mentioned previously, in 2006, the first Dazbog Coffee franchise was opened, in 2007 another six followed and in 2008 there were opened another five such units. It would be a very good business opportunity to invest in such a franchise because the market is still undeveloped with respect to Dazbog Coffee. Each new start is a new challenge.

 Contact Details

For more information, you can contact the company at the following:

Address: 1090 Yuma St., Denver, Colorado 80204

Telephone number: (303)892-9999.

Official website, www.dazbog.com

Email at coffee@DAZBOG.com.

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