Days Inn franchise

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Days Inn franchise

Days inn is a hotel chain founded by Cecil B. Day in 1970, its first location wasn on Tybee Island, Georgia. Day’s inn has since expanded world wide with more than 2000 hotels.
Days inn takes pride in its ability to offer a warm, comfortable feel to all its customers and guests as well as good service quality to them. Days in is now part of the Wyndham group of hotels which has several other reputable hotels and resorts.
A Days Inn hotel basically offers relaxing and comfortable accommodations in a clean and homely environment.
It does not offer luxurious services which are expensive to operate.
A days inn franchisee can opt to have an on premises restaurant or an off premises restaurant which must meet high standards.
Or the franchise can also opt not to have a restaurant at all but should be able to serve a simple continental breakfast to all of its guests. Gourmet restaurants and so forth.
Each Days Inn franchisee is assigned a territory where the franchisor will not open another facility or  give license to another franchise to open a hotel with the same brand name in the area.
Days in provides a term of agreement of 20 years if the hotel was built from scratch, and  a term of 15 years if otherwise.
Days inn franchisee are allowed to practice absentee ownership although they  are advised not to do so if they cannot ensure quality management, so if the franchisee does decide to go ahead with absentee ownership he/she must  hire a manager or director who has sufficient knowledge and experience  in running and operating similar establishments.  However they must undergo a day’s inn training program to get more experience.

Cost of a Days Inn Franchise

Days Inn Franchise fee: $36,000
Total investment required for a days Inn franchise: $407,000 – $6,700,000

Available Support and assistance

Days inn provides the following assistance to its franchisee
the franchisee is allowed to put off the payment of the franchise fee for a limited time frame of one year.
The franchisee will not be required to pay any extra charges like interest and so on if the payment is made with in the same year, if its made 10 days after the due date. Then the franchisee is will be required to pay interest.
Training and Assistance
Day’s inn franchisee (or the manager for those who franchisee who prefer absentee ownership) will be offered both compulsory training and optional trainings for them to choose depending on their needs and experiences.
For further information:you may fill the information request form
            OR call : (800) 758 8999
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