Denny’s Franchise

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Denny’s Franchise

The history of Danny’s or Denny’s as it is now known, can be traced back as far as 1953, when the first restaurant was opened in Lakewood, California.

At first, the owner had only a doughnut stand, while having dreams of becoming a venue which the world would actually take into consideration. Harold Butler, the owner, never gave up his dream. Today the proof is there for all to see, his hard work made the plain doughnut stand expand into one of the most popular restaurants nationwide.

During the first year of Denny’s, Harold made a good profit which he then used for opening more doughnut shops. As years passed, he tried to make each and every customer as satisfied with Denny’s services as humanly possible. For example, if someone asked for a sandwich with their coffee, their wish would be fulfilled. This is something which led to the expansion of Denny’s menu, as well as to increased profits and a higher number of coffee shops. Each year, more and more customers walk into a Denny’s unit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious doughnut or one of the many breakfast, lunch or dinner options.

As it was, more people became interested in going to the restaurants. Other young entrepreneurs. soon realized that these restaurants had potential and would like to to be a part of it. During 1959, the decision of renaming Danny’s to Denny’s was taken, in order to avoid any confusion with other competing small businesses like “Coffee Dan’s”, for instance. Denny’s managed to expand at an international level during 1967 and opened the first unit in Acapulco, Mexico.

During 1968, there were 192 Denny’s restaurants. Also, during 1968, the first Butler Pie Shop was opened. Personalized service is a top priority at Denny’s, which ensures the customers’ total satisfaction. All these factors lead to the success which the company enjoys nowadays, when they can be proud of the fact that there are almost 1067 restaurants throughout the world, out of which 19 are operated under licensing agreements.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Denny’s Franchise

If you want to open a Denny’s franchise, there are a few important facts to which you must pay attention. The total investment ranges between $1,071,325 and $2,623,601, with a franchise fee of about $40,000. There is an ongoing royalty fee of 4% out of the total gains which must be paid. The contract is made on an initial period of 20 years, which is not renewable. Third party financing is not available when you want to open a Denny’s franchise. The net worth requirement is of 1 million US Dollars, with a cash liquidity requirement of $350,000.

General business experience is required when applying for the franchising such a unit. At least 80 employees are required to run a unit of Denny’s. Investing in a Denny’s franchise is a good idea since you will surely receive back your money in a relatively short time period.

Contact Details

Anyone that wants to get in touch with Denny’s can get hold of them at 203 E. Main St. Spartanburg, South Carolina 29319.
Toll Free: (800)304-0222 (800)304-0222
Fax: (864)597-7708

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