Coffee News Franchise

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Coffee news franchise

Coffee news is a weekly advertising magazine that is published weekly and is delivered to places where people take time out to eat and drink, such as hotels, coffee shops and restaurants.

It was founded in 1988 by Jean Duam in Winnipeg Canada. Jean is an expert in marketing and advertising and was able to make coffee news one of the most affordable and best advertising publications in this sector.

Coffee news is primary an entertainment magazine, which keeps its readers engrossed through its jokes, funny stories, trivia, horoscopes, and so on.
A number of surveys have shown that a Coffee News magazine is read from five to seven times in restaurants.
  • Coffee news is highly accepted by advertisers due to the following reasons:
  • Adverts are less expensive compared to other magazines therefore small businesses can afford to advertise on a regular basis.
  • All adverts for a particular company are exclusive and no other company in the same industry will advertise at the same time.
  • Adverts are rotated every week so no one has the best spot, this is a bonus for small businesses which can’t afford the best spots.

Financial requirements of a Coffee news franchise

The coffee news franchise fee costs $8,000; a new franchisee however will be required to have estimated amount of $8,925 – $9,250 as his/ her Total investment, and a royalty fee of $75 per week.
The term of agreement is usually for four years but can be renewed.

Perks of purchasing a coffee news franchise

  • Minimal start up costs, Its not expensive to start compared to other franchises, the franchise fee is low, expensive equipments and programs are not required, and the income can be good.
  • It’s recession proof business! Coffee news was designed to help small businesses withstand and grow through the recession.
  • No experience needed as everything you need to know will be explained to you.
  • Coffee News franchise allows its franchisees to work at home with the support of coffee news no matter where you are.
  • Coffee News will not sell any license in the area in which you operate the business.
  • Franchisee can own more than one license
  • Financing support is available to qualified applicants
Easy to apply, applications can be done through completing order forms at  After which you should get a response within 24 hours.
For more information on licensing and franchise you may contact them at the coffee news address:
John Buckley,Coffee News USA100 Devon Street, Portland, ME 04102Phone: (207)879-0038 ~ FAX 207-941-1050
or email them at
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