Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services Franchise

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Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services Franchise

Club Z! is a franchise for a business providing tutoring services. It was founded in 1995 and they opened its first location in Tampa, Florida where their headquarters are as well. They provide private tutoring services.

They do one-on-one instruction in any convenient space for the student. They would do the sessions in any facility such as libraries, schools, community centers or any place you would choose appropriate for the student even at your own home. Their tutors are carefully chosen. They are all certified teachers and they have degrees. Most of them have taught in private or public schools. They also undergo a screening process and a thorough background check before being hired. They follow a process on matching the teacher with the student depending on the learning style of the student. Parents are given the option to schedule the tutors themselves on how often they would need them. They won’t require long-term contracts so that it wouldn’t be much of a burden to the parents.

What is in their curriculum at Club Z!

They have reading, writing, English, and language arts. They have Mathematics, science, and study skills that targets a students study habits and making it effective. They have teachers who are certified and trained to deal with children with learning disabilities. These children needs special attention and an environment that helps them cope up school work. Club Z!’s individualized program is best for them. They also provide reviews for standardized tests such as ACT (American College Testing), SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test), SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), and SAT II. You can also hire a tutor to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

For summer tutoring, they have this curriculum to prevent children from having summertime backslide. They also teach foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, and Japanese. For those who have language disorders or adults who just want to lessen their accent and become fluent, they have language pathologists. Speech therapy is also good for those who have speech sound disorders, auditory processing disorders, fluency disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and dysphagia.

They give music lessons to all levels, whether your child is a beginner or just looking to improve their skills. They have music lessons for piano, wind, guitar, percussion instruments and strings. Their tutoring services are available in different venues like home schooling, independent study, and distance learning and online courses.

How do you become a franchisee?

Expect to be investing about $27,000 to $56,600. The Club Z! In-Home tutoring services franchise fee is $19,500 to $44,500 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. This is for a renewable 7 year term agreement. This business can be run from home. You will need only 1 employee to run one location. They allow absentee ownership and multi-unit ownership.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There will be 2 days training at the headquarters and 2 days at your location. You will be receiving newsletters, attend meetings, and your own toll free number. For marketing support, there will be regional marketing.

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 15310 Amberly Dr., #185 Tampa, Florida 33647

Phone: (800)434-2582 or (813)931-5516

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