Colbert Ball Tax Service Franchise

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Colbert Ball Tax Service Franchise

Colbert/Ball Tax Service is a franchise for a tax service company. It was founded by Al Colbert and Jaja Ball in January 1995 in Houston Texas. They were still seniors in college when they decided to create their own future.

When they opened their first location that same year, they were able to process more than 270 returns. Because of its success, they transferred their office to the Reliant Park area. On their second year in the business, they were able to process more than 570 returns and they decided to open two more locations.

In 2000, they had four offices and were able to process more than 4000 returns. From here, they started implementing the affiliate program. In 2002 tax season, they projected 25,000 returns. Currently, they still have the main office in Houston, Texas and now have 320 affiliates in 23 states.

What services do they offer?

They have Complete Federal & State Tax Return Preparation. They will help you apply all legal deductions and get you the maximum possible refund. They can even help you with your multiple state returns if you’re working outside your state of residence or relocating. They have Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL). They will help you file your return and get you your loan within just two days. It will save you the wait for 6 weeks and you don’t need to worry about your check getting lost in the mail. They have Electric Filing (eFile).

Submitting your return through the eFile system reduces the risk of inaccuracy on your return. It’s also faster and you can get your money in minutes and you can have it deposited directly to your bank account. They also do Direct Deposit. If you don’t want to do it electronically, they can also do it the old fashioned way and still be able to deposit your money directly to your bank account from the IRS. Another service is the Electronic Refund Check (ERC). You can use the Refund Anticipation Check and save money. It’s similar to electronic filing but you still wait around 10 to 14 days for your money. The fees would just be deducted from your loan check. Even if you don’t have a tax return, they still have a type of service to help you. You can use your credit card to pay your taxes that are overdue and you won’t be charged interest, penalties, or late fees.

If you are happy with their service, they also have the referral program and you can get yourself bonuses from referring friends to them.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Colbert Ball Tax Service Franchise

Expect to be investing $33,000 to $51,000. Franchise fee is $15,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 15%. They also have options for express stations or kiosks.

What’s included in the Colbrt franchise package?

There will be on-going trainings and consultations. You will receive assistance in finding the perfect site for you and find you a target demographic. They have a marketing to assist you as well as technical and tax support.

Contact Details

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 2616 S. Loop W., #110 Houston, Texas 77054

Phone: (713)592-5555

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