Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise

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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is a franchise for a store that offers freshly made and handcrafted chocolates.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise Information

Their first store opened in St. Louis, Missouri in 1981. Before the store was opened, the owner spent 10 years training with the best candy makers. He learned the craft of perfection in creating premium chocolates in small batches.
Some of the chocolates are still being made from recipes passed on since 1904. In 2009, they reintroduced the Mavrakos chocolate brand which was passed on from 1984 for being famous in producing chocolates only in small batches.  After 20 years, they started franchising and they had each store designed similar to the original store with each having its small kitchen to make fresh chocolates from.
Each chocolate is handmade daily in each store and this is what makes it the best chocolate. They still use old fashioned techniques using copper kettles. Caramels and Truffles are cut one by one and each is hand dipped. Every single piece is checked for perfection before leaving the kitchen. Each box of chocolates has a wax seal as a symbol of its authenticity. Their guarantee is “A Smile In Every Box”.

What is Served Up at a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise

What’s on the menu? They have boxed chocolates. You can choose from milk chocolates, dark chocolates, Cherrie Cordials, Nuts & Caramels, and Truffles. Their Signature chocolates Marshmallow Nut Whip, Molasses Puff, and Chocolate Strawberries are among three others.
Their Premium Truffles is a favourite of customers with 12 flavours to choose from. They also have more than 50 kinds of handmade chocolates like Nonpareils, Almond Butter Toffee, and Malted Milk Balls. Another specialty is their Holiday Chocolates that are available every Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. If you want something of novelty, they have more than 400 different molds like animals, Music, Children’s, and Automotive. For those who like it sugar-free, they have those chocolates sweetened with maltitol which they say tastes as good as the others.

Costs and Requirements for a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise

What do you need to be able to franchise a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company? You need to have a net worth of $300,000 and a total liquid assets of at least $100,000. They allow absentee ownership though all the current franchisees are owners and operators. Total Investment is at around $178,300-$250,500. Franchise fee is $20,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 5%. This is for a renewable 5 year term agreement.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise Training and Support

What’s included in the franchise package? There will be 3 weeks training at the headquarters and 1 week training in your location. These trainings are as needed. In training, retail management and manufacturing are included. You will also be given a suggested inventory list and assisted in the initial retail setup. Their recipes will be provided to you as well. Assistance on the grand opening is available. Franchisees will have meetings and will be receiving newsletters. You will also be getting support on purchasing cooperatives, marketing and advertising.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company Franchise Contact Details

You may reach them at:
Phone: (314)832-2639
Address: 112 N. Kirkwood Rd. St. Louis, Missouri 63122
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