Chocolate Apothecary Franchise

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Chocolate Apothecary Franchise

Chocolate Apothecary is a franchise that offers different kinds of chocolates from all over the world.

Chocolate Apothecary Franchise Information

It all started in 2005 when Susan Davis got home to a house being remodelled. She wanted to get away and comfort herself with chocolate. She envisioned a place that has all kinds of chocolates, the aroma, and the ambiance.
The following day, she talked about it with her classmates. Then the concept was born.  Susan Davis is a pharmacy student and they thought of chocolate as the best kind of medicine anyone could possibly find. They opened their first store in Spokane, Washington. They said that they wanted to share the joy with everyone that’s why they started franchising in 2007. Apothecary was derived from olden pharmacists who were called Apothecaries. They say that they are prescribing chocolate as a medicine to cure anything and anyone’s ailments. Chocolate Apothecary also offers chocolate tasting classes in Spokane. It lasts for about an hour and costs $15.

What is served up at a Chocolate Apothecary Franchise

What’s on the menu? They have gourmet chocolates, gelato, and coffee. Their chocolates include Alpaco, Abinao, Tanariva Lait, Jivari Lait, Manjari, Tainori, Caraibe, and Guanaja and all of which are by Valrhona Chocolates.
They also have the chocolate crisis collection with daily dose, nut case, melt down, break down, cool down, and hunker down which is part of their Energy chocolates. On t he same category is their Coffee collection. They have more than just chocolates to enjoy at their store, you can also order online or take home or gift a piece of good memories spent like their chocolate games, mugs, and shirts.

Costs and requirements for a Chocolate Apothecary Franchise

What are the requirements to become a Chocolate Apothecary franchisee? You need to have a total liquid asset of at least $50,000. Total investment would be at around $153,400-$230,100. Franchisee fee is $25,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 5%. Their term agreements are not renewable.

Chocolate Apothecary Franchise Training and Support

What’s included in the franchise package? There will be training for a staff and the manager. They will guide you throughout the design and construction. They will be providing you a list of initial inventory that you will need before opening. They have a staff that will visit you at your location and provide you assistance. There will also be occasional visits from Chocolate Apothecary to give you on-going support.

Chocolate Apothecary Franchise Contact Details

You may reach them at:
Phone: 509-747-0955
Address: 2910 E. 57th Avenue Suite 5, PMB # 105 Spokane, WA 99223
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