Candy Bouquet Franchise

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Candy Bouquet Franchise

Candy Bouquet is an American company founded in 1989. Its headquarters are located in Arkansas, United States.
In 2008 Candy Bouqet was ranked as 67th  in the Franchise 500 ranks, 21st  in Fastest Growing Franchises, 16th  in Low cost Franchises, 14th  in Top Home based Franchises and 67th  in Americas top global Franchises. Candy Bouquet started its operations as a franchsor in 1993.

Margaret McEntire is the person behind the creation of Candy Bouquet. It all started in 1989 when Margaret started making arrangements using chocolates and candies instead of flowers. Candy Bouquet is known for offering artistic, unique, distinctive and exclusive gifts on special occasions and festivities.

Initially Candy Bouquet was made of candies and chocolates only but now they also include cookies, balloons and stuffed animals. Today Candy Bouquet has 415 US Franchises, 46 Canadian Franchises, 64 foreign owned Franchises and 1 company owned shop.

Why choose a Candy Bouquet Franchise

Candy Bouquet has a number of advantages over other companies when it comes to franchising; Firstly Candy Bouquet does not require any royalty fee unlike most other companies. Its also provides you with an opportunity to start a business from home and requires very low startup costs. Candy Bouquet also offers the opportunity to co-brand with an existing business.

Candy Bouquet Training and Benefits

Candy Bouquet provides extensive personal training for a week to its franchisee at its international headquarters. The trainings are very professional and in class room style, they include product pricing, workshop design, marketing, advertising, inventory control, distribution, bouquet and gift basket design, quality control, insurance, accounting, etc.
Along with the training Candy Bouquet also provides one on one help through out the training period to make sure that you are comfortable in starting you own venture. Additional training if needed is also provided at no extra cost.
The best part of purchasing a Candy Bouquet franchisee is that the corporate headquarters help you at each and every step of setting up a Franchisee and make everything really easy and straight forward. Lastly Candy Bouquet also provides financing assistance to its franchisees through a third party.
Besides the above mentioned benefits, Candy Bouquet also provides special programs for women and an international opportunity for Franchise re sale. By buying a Candy bouquet franchise you will be given new recipes, E-newsletters, right to use online databases, confidential information, etc. You will also be given a number of discounts ranging from $1,150-$4,000 depending on area size and also have the right to buy wholesale supplies.

Costs Associated with a Candy Bouquet Franchise

The total investment required for a Candy Bouquet franchise varies from $7,500-$50,000 depending on the location, size etc of the shop.
The start up cost is low compared to other companies varying from $3,600-$29,000.
The term of agreement is five years and the renewal fee is 25% of the original fee.

Candy Bouquet Franchise Contact Details

Candy Bouquet can be contacted using the following address, 423 E, Third Street, Little Rock, AR. 72201.
Telephone number is: (877)226-3901
Fax number is: (501)375-9998.
 For more detailed information please visit the website
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