Canine Campus Franchise

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Canine Campus Franchise

Canine Campus is a franchise for a dog school that offers training, boarding and grooming services. It was founded by Tom and Joelle Hilfers in 1999. Their love for their dog made them treat her like their own daughter.

The lost their dog, Saede Mae, to bone cancer back in 2003. She served as an inspiration to them in putting up the Canine Campus, an Ivy League for dogs. They started franchising in 2005 and are currently looking for franchisees nationwide.

What does the Canine Campus offer it’s customers?

In 2004, they were a finalist for the Dell/NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) Award. They were praised for the customer service they provide and the high technology they offered in managing their clients and every detail of the dogs need. They even have a webcam that has live feed online that their clients can use to watch their dog while they’re on campus.

When it comes to taking the dogs into their campus, Canine Campus has a standard to keep everyone of them safe. Each of them goes through a series of tests. They are committed in keeping their campus clean, safe, and most caring boarding kennel in the country. Every dog has to have complete and current vaccinations like the distemper vaccination, Bordatella within the last 6 months, and 1-3 year Rabies vaccination.

For boarding services, they have clean and spacious dorm room for each dog. They even play music at night to soothe and prepare them for the next day of activities. For the first-timers, they allow the owners to bring their bed, blanket, treats, or toy to make them feel comfortable and more at home. Canine Campus has their own software, K-9 Connect, and you can modify and make reservations online. You can even update your dogs profile and your contact information for emergencies. If you’re not comfortable doing it online, you can call them and they will do everything for you. Boarding starts at $28 and you can avail of $3 or $1 meals. You can also prepare their meals yourself.

For grooming services, they have what they call “Spa Treatments” by the Campus Clippers. They do Full Grooms, Hand-scissor finishes, breed specific haircuts, full blow drying, specialty baths, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, complete brush out, anal gland expression, toe nail polish, shaving, and campus shower for a bath and towel dry. Grooming services starts at $20. Nail Trim are at $8 to $12 depending on how cooperative your dog was.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Canine Campus Franchise

You need to have a net worth of at least $100,000 and no requirement on liquid assets. The only other qualification is that you need to love dogs. You can expect to invest about $72,000 to $183,000. Franchise fee is $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 4%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There will be 7 days training at the headquarters and 7 days training at the franchisees location. Also included are the newsletters, security and safety procedures, field evaluations, meetings and assistance at grand opening. For marketing support, there will be ad slicks and co-op advertising.

Contact Details

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 3116 Karen Pl. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

Phone Number: (719)448-9600

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