Camille’s Sidewalk Café Franchise

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Camille’s Sidewalk Café Franchise

Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe differentiates itself from other restaurants by providing a relaxing ambiance which symbolizes happiness and relaxation whilst providing a wide range of dishes to choose from.
Camille’s Sidewalk café was incorporated in 1996 by David and Camille Rutkauskas in response to providing fresh and healthy food at shopping malls. Later it also expanded its operations and included catering to businesses.
It started its franchise operations from 1999. The menu includes everything ranging from salads, sandwiches and wraps to desserts and smoothies. The company headquarters are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and as of 2008 it had 107 locations, with most of these franchises being present in the USA.
Camille’s Sidewalk Café can be found almost everywhere, retail centers, malls, parks etc. Camille’s Sidewalk Café was ranked 157th amongst America’s top global franchises in 2007.

Why take out a  Camille’s Sidewalk Café  Franchise

By purchasing Camille’s Sidewalk franchise, you gain the right of using its brand name, operational systems, trademarks, décor, recopies and methods.
Camille’s sidewalk café provides extensive training to its franchisees focusing on every aspect of the business.
The training is available at the headquarters for 2-3 weeks and at the Franchisee location for 2-3 days.
It provides ongoing support and help through out the life of the franchisee. Ongoing support is provided in the form of purchasing cooperatives, grand opening, toll free phone line, newsletter, field operations, updates for increasing profits, workflow designs etc.
Camille’s Sidewalk tries to help its franchisees at every step; they even provide assistance in the selection of the site, contacts of suppliers etc who are reliable.
You will have daily contact with the staff at Camellia Sidewalk through email and phone. Camellias Sidewalk staff assists you at every step of the process of attaining a franchise
With a brand name like Camille´s you should feel confident in starting a franchise. Other than this it also provides operation manuals and systems to assist you in starting the business.
Camille’s sidewalk provides advertising and marketing support to its franchisees which are proven to increase sales and generate profits.
A separate team for support is devoted to each franchisee which is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Currently it is seeking franchises worldwide especially focusing on the United States and Middle East.

Costs and requirements for taking out a Camille’s Sidewalk Café Franchise

In order to qualify for a franchise of Camille´s sidewalk you need to have prior industry experience, marketing skills and general business experience.
Other than this you also need to show $150,000 of net worth and $50,000 worth of liquid assets.
The total investment needed for Camille’s sidewalk franchise varies between $162,960 – $346,800, depending on the size and location of the franchise.
The franchise fee is between $10,000- $20,000 and the royalty fee is ongoing at 4.5%.
The term of agreement of franchise is for 20 years and can be renewed.

Camille´s Sidewalk Contact Information

Address 8801 S. Yale, #400, Tulsa, OK74137
Telephone: (800)230-7004
Fax: (918)497-1916.
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