California Tortilla Franchise

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California Tortilla Franchise

Pam Felix and Alan Cohen opened the first ever California Tortilla in Maryland in 1995.
Today it has 32 U.S Franchises and five company owned shops. California Tortilla started its franchising operations in 2003 and its main headquarters are in Maryland. It specializes in Mexican food and has been improving on it consistently by introducing new and innovative food dishes. California Tortilla is famous for its Burritos. Along with this it also serves tacos, fajitas, salads, extras and quesadillas.
California Tortilla was ranked to be among the top ten fastest growing franchise concepts in 2008 and among the top 100 concepts in 2007 and 2008. California Tortilla is also known for its exclusive promotions like Animal Noise day, pop tart day etc.

On the menu at California Tortilla

California Tortilla a new and innovative concept which mixes traditional Mexican food with an inventive and funky Californian twist. This is a growing field and California Tortilla was voted as having the best burritos in 2009. On August 22, 2007, California Tortilla chains sold five million Burritos.

Benefits of a California Tortilla Franchise

This chain provides a number of benefits to its franchisee, low start up cost, unique and innovative concept, operational excellence etc. It also provides its customers with the guarantee that they can exchange their food if they don’t like it; this enhances the customer loyalty with them.
California Tortilla provides extensive training for four weeks at headquarters and one week at the Franchisee’s location in order to provide them with an overview of how thins work at California Tortilla.
Some of the advantages that California Tortilla has over other restaurants are exceptional food quality, inventive marketing techniques, excellent management team with prior franchising experience and distinctive brand positioning. These attributes set California Tortilla apart from all other restaurants.
California Tortilla also provides ongoing support to its franchisees in the form of meetings, internet, security/safety procedures, evaluations, grand opening, newsletter, co advertising, regional advertising and local store marketing etc.

Costs and requirements associated with setting up a California Totilla Franchise

In addition to the above, in order to get a franchise of California Tortilla you also need to fulfill some basic requirements. These include, having prior experience in the food industry or in the franchise industry, cultural fit, passion and commitment to provide exceptional services, $1,000,000 net worth, and infatuation for Mexican food, marketing skills, willing to learn, and $250,000 of liquid assets.
California Tortilla franchise requires a total investment of approximately $418,000 – $643,500, depending on the size and location of the franchise.
The initial franchise fee is $30,000 along with a 5% ongoing royalty fee with a 10 year term of agreement.
California Tortilla also requires a 2% advertising fee and a 0.5% local marketing fee.
Currently California Tortilla does not provide financing assistance however it does provide contacts of lenders who are reliable and trustworthy.

CaliforniaTortilla Contact Details

California Tortilla can be contacted by the following means:
Telephone: (301) 545-0035
Fax number (301)545-0051.
Address: 20 Courthouse Sq. Suite 206. Rockville, MD 20850.
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