California Quivers Franchise

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California Quivers Franchise

The California Quivers franchise operates in the frozen drinks sector.
California Quivers was founded by Micheal Farrggio in 1997. It is a private company located in San Diego with annual revenue of approximately $140,000. It started franchising in 2004. Its main product is frozen drinks, made from fruits. The drink is very healthy and refreshing and does not contain any fat, cholesterol or dairy.
The main competitive edge California quiver has over other drinks is that it is non-carbonated as opposed to most of the the other frozen drinks. Other than the drinks, California Quivers also offers catering services with cakes, hot dogs etc to compliment the drinks. In 2007 California Quivers had 3 franchises in the US and 10 company owned units. The company headquarters are located in San Diego, California.
California Quiver believes in providing its customers with the natural flavor of the fruits rather than mixing them up. It believes in simplicity and originality. California Quivers tries to provide everyone with a frozen drink, which will relive them from the everyday worries of life. Over the period of 12 years, lemon, Strawberry and Mango have emerges to be the most popular flavors among customers.
California Quiver Aims
California Quiver is trying to move towards a green company, it has taken a number of initiatives to reduce global warming and harm to environment. It is continuously engaged in activities which involve developing new products, improving on packaging, distribution and promotional activities.

Advantages of a California Quiver Franchise

The biggest advantage of taking a franchise of California Quiver is that it does not limit you to a specific location. This in turn results in speedy expansion and market dispersion. It is totally mobile; you can go where ever the customers are. This kind of franchise is best for catering services and corporate events where people require great food and drinks. California Quiver has already served successfully a number of contests, tournaments, high school activities, college athletics etc.

Some of the clients of California Quiver include big names like Pfizer, NBC, HSBC, Franchise Time, Chelsea Investment Corporation, abc News, Applied Biotech, Mtv, Roche, San Diego State University etc. California Quiver has been doing well in serving all these companies.

California Quiver Franchise costs

California Quiver franchise requires a total investment of minimum $45,000 to a maximum of $149,300 depending on the size.
The initial franchise fee is $22,500 with a 6% royalty fee.
IT does not require any advertising fee and the term of agreement is 10 years.
There aren’t any specific requirements for franchising California Quivers however a couple of years of business experience are preferred.

California Quiver Training

California Quivers provides extensive training for one week at its headquarters along with some training at the Franchise location.
They also provide ongoing support in the form of grand openings, security and safety measures, field operations and evaluation, internet, web based marketing, newsletter, meetings, etc.
There are around 3-5 employees needed to run a franchise. Currently it is seeking franchises throughout the USA.

California Quiver franchise Contact Details

Address:5284 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121-2815
Telephone: (858) 558-1300
Fax:: (858)558-1200.
For more information please visit the website
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