Caffino Franchise

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Caffino Franchise

The Caffino concept was first launched in 1993 in Napa Valley, California. This part of the world is well known for its tasty wine and appetizing cuisine.

The Caffino drive-thru bars offer to their clients the finest coffee and espresso and people love them. As everyone seems to be in a hurry nowadays, Caffino comes to their aid with the concept of the fastest coffee delivery i.e. maximum 60 seconds for each order.

The company also claim to have some of the best coffee beans in the world, Arabic Grande 1. These beans are the first 5% from the crop and they are roasted on site in every Caffino bar in order to ensure the quality, freshness, taste and customer satisfaction. Currently, they have opened 27 Caffino bars across three states, but they are looking for franchisees nationwide. The company has plans to open new drive-thru bars all across the U.S. Just look for them in your neighborhood and if you don’t see one, maybe you should consider joining them and open a Caffino Franchise.

Benefits of Running a Caffino Franchise

Why should you open a Caffino Franchise? A first consideration would be that you don’t have one in your neighborhood! Secondly, people need coffee and don’t have enough time to buy it from a regular coffee shop, meaning that you will get a lot of customers with the help of the ”60 seconds order program”. With this program you will earn more money than you’ve ever thought of and of course, you will earn reputation.

Caffino offers to its franchisees fantastic training and support whenever they need it. The initial training program is offered at the company’s headquarters for about three weeks.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running a Caffino Franchise

  • If you want to open a Caffino Franchise, you will need between $212,900 and $373,000, which is the total investment, depending on the size of the coffee bar and of it’s location, and a further $10,000 to cover the franchising fee required by Caffino. Also, the ongoing royalty fee is 8% and the term of agreement is for 15 years, of course renewable. For now, Caffino doesn’t offer any kind of financing.
  • Before deciding to open a Caffino franchise, you should know some of their requirements. Besides the financial conditions, you will also need $1,000,000, which is the net worth requirement plus $200,000, which represents the cash liquidity prerequisite. You will also need to possess basic business experience.
  • Although you will earn more than enough money if you own a single unit, you should know that more than 80% of the Caffino franchisees own more than one or two units. If you want your franchise to operate, you will need to hire a total of 6 or 8 employees. The absentee ownership of the franchise is not allowed.
  • The franchise opening process is very fast and easy. Once you decide to open the franchise and you are confident that you qualify for all the requirements, you have to give the company a call and meet with the franchise responsible employee. In a couple of days you could be involved on working to open your own Caffino Drive-thru bar.

Contact Details

You can contact them by telephone, at (925)363-3200 or you can access their website,

Their official address is: 4070 Nelson Ave., #G Concord, California 94520.

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