Café Ala Carte Franchise

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Café Ala Carte Franchise

The Café Ala Carte concept was established in 1996 when two brothers (Bonnie and Dominic Fimiano) added an espresso machine to their already established catering company. After that, the orders started flowing like never before and hence, the idea of starting a secondary company and the Café Ala Carte concept was born.

The company started franchising in 2000 and since then, it has opened 2 franchises in the United States and has another 13 units, owned by them.

Benefits of running a Café Ala Carte Franchise

Why should you open a Café Ala Carte franchise? Well, the company owners say, there are more than 90% success rates with their espresso and cappuccino mobile cart. You can make your very own schedule and you don’t have to answer to a boss. The Café Ala Carte Franchise is perfect for couples wanting to have their own small business. The best aspect of opening such a franchise is that you don’t have to quit your actual job. You will get orders and sometimes get paid upfront so you don’t need an employee just for collecting the money from the clients.

The Café Ala Carte espresso and cappuccino cart is needed anywhere, be it restaurants, parties, malls, supermarkets, commercial stores and many more. By acquiring the franchise, you will pass the obstacles that are usually associated with a new business. As a franchisee with the Café Ala Carte Company, you will be working for yourself, but will never feel alone as you will be assisted and supported whenever you need it.

Training offered by Café Ala Carte

The franchise training program from Café Ala Carte consists in one week of guidance at their headquarters or in Lauderdale Florida. They also offer ongoing and marketing support, such as tool-free phone, ad slicks, Internet and support for the grand opening.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running a Café Ala Carte Franchise

  • The total investment for a Café Ala Carte Franchise is somewhere between $56,200 and $80,800; the price is dependent upon the type of cart and its functions (i.e. cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, ice latte, frappucino and more). They also require a franchise fee of $25,000, while the royalty fee is between 8% and 5%. The term of agreement for these prices and fees is 10 years, of course renewable. For now, Café Ala Carte doesn’t offer any kind of financing.
  • You need to have some business experience, such as: Industry experience, general business experience and some marketing skills.
  • You can operate the franchise from your home, so no new location is required. You will also need to have two employees hired to run one unit. Although it is possible earn a living from just one franchise unit, all of the present Café Ala Carte franchisees own more than one unit.

Contact Details

For more information about the Cafe Ala Carte franchise, please visit their website:,

Telephone: (954)349-1030.

Address is: 19512 S. Coquina Way Weston, Florida 33332

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