Breeze Freeze Franchise

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Breeze Freeze Franchise

Breeze Freeze is a well known company that produces and sells frozen drinks such as Granita. They are one of the leaders in the frozen beverages industry and their products are some of the healthiest out there; this is because they use 100% natural juice extracted from fruits.
The Breeze Freeze Granita has real pulp, plenty of Vitamin C, 0% fat and no added sugar. Kids love this kind of beverage and their parents are very happy that they can give them a 100% natural, rich in flavor drink.
The company sells its products in schools, high schools, supermarkets, malls, gas stations, bars, restaurants, convenience stores and other venues. Breeze Freeze also rents equipment for parties, proms, graduations and other such occasions.

Advantages of a  Breeze Freeze Franchise

The company was founded in 2001 and in 2004 they started franchising.  Being a Breeze Freeze franchise owner, you will get support, training and help whenever you need it. The Breeze Freeze company offers to their franchisees the opportunity to operate the business in the best way that suites their lifestyle.
Why should you open a Breeze Freeze franchise? Well, think about all that healthy 100% natural juice that you will sell to customers. On the other hand, think about how much money you will make with the Breeze Freeze 100% natural juice in a market where more and more people are looking for organic food and healthy natural juices.
You can operate the Breeze Freeze franchise from your home because the number of employees that you need to have is only one. You can stay at home and your employee will be on-site selling the product. Although running only one franchise unit will yield a profit which will allow you to live a goodl life and pay your bills, most people (95% of the Breeze Freeze franchisees) own more than one unit.

Cost of a Breeze Freeze Franchise

The total investment for the Breeze Freeze franchise is somewhere between $9,200 and $94,300, depending on the type of the franchise (1 unit or an entire territory).
The franchise fee on the other hand is between $5,000 and $40,000, again depending on the type of the franchise. The period of franchising is for 5 years  and is renewable.
You have two settlement options to choose from: Kiosk or Express.
In order to qualify for a Breeze Freeze Franchise you need to have $10,000 a net worth and a further $7,000 cash liquidity requirement. You will also need to have business experience (marketing skills and strong work ethic and the ability to follow a proven plan).

Breeze Freeze Franchise Training

The training and support offered by Breeze Freeze is available at their headquarters for 1-3 days and at the franchisees location for 1-2 days.  They also offer ongoing support such as meetings, Internet, field operations and evaluations. The marketing support offered by Breeze Freeze consists of: regional advertising, co-op advertising and ad-slicks.

Address and contact details for the Breeze Freeze franchise

For more information about Breeze Freeze and the franchising opportunity, please visit their website:
Or contact them by the following methods:
Phone: (886) 472-6482
Toll free: 1-866-GRANITA (1-866-472-6482)
Address: 13340 Merriman Rd. Livonia, Michigan 48150
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