Breadsmith Franchise

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Breadsmith Franchise

In 1993, the young Dan Sterling started the Breadsmith Company with a small store in Milwaukee after he worked as a volunteer in a local bakery. At the beginning, it was hard for young Dan to keep up with the competition.

But after a while, when people discovered his hand made and heart baked breads, as their motto says, Breadsmith began its ascension to the top. In 1994 the company started expanding by franchising. By now, Breadsmith has won national appreciation from Bon Appétit who ranked them as one of the few best bakeries in US. They have also got the award “Best Of” in more than 10 cities. They have more than 30 stores within the US. Some of the states in which you may find Breadsmith stores are: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin and many more. The company is currently seeking franchisees nationwide.

Why should you condider a Breadsmith Franchise?

Well, just think about having a business and going to work every morning knowing that in your store, people will find only the highest quality products and the best of all, products that are handmade and from the heart.

Breadsmith offers training and support to anyone who wants to open a franchise. The company can train you and your employees at their headquarters for 3 weeks or at you franchise location, for 2 weeks. They also offer ongoing support like: newsletters, meetings, toll-free phone line, support for the Grand Opening, Internet and field operations and/or evaluations.

The Marketing support offered by Breadsmith is: co-op advertising, ad-slicks, posters, POP and outline for annual promotions.

Breadsmith also has special programs which require every franchisee to organize 4 fund-raisers in their stores every year. The franchise stores are required to offer support to local organizations like Little League and scout troops. The best thing of all about Breadsmith franchise stores is that every evening, the leftover food is donated to the nearby homeless shelters.

How much money do you need to open a Breadsmith franchise?

Well, according to their website, the total investment will be between $217,500 and $416,000, depending on the location, decorations and the size of the store. They will charge you a $30,000 franchise fee, as well. The ongoing royalty fee is between 7% and 5%. The term of agreement will be of 15 years and it can be renewed.

Breadsmith doesn’t currently have any kinds of financing available, not even for the equipment or for the inventory.

What are the requirements for qualification for the Breadsmith franchise?

First of all, the Net worth requirement is $500,000; the Cash liquidity requirement is $50,000 and you will also need to have general business skills. If you also have any kind of marketing skills, tell them because this aspect might be helpful, although it is not necessary.

You will need about 20 employees in order to run a single unit, who can be trained through the Breadsmith training and support program and absentee ownership of franchises is not allowed.

Contact Details

Below are the Breadsmith Headquarters address, phone, fax, and official website:

Address: 409 E. Silver Spring Dr. Whitefish Bay, WISCONSIN 53217

Phone: (414) 962 – 1956

Fax: (414) – 5888


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