Baguette Express Franchise

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Baguette Express Franchise

Baguette Express saw the need to provide people with healthy snacks and so Baguette express was established in1999. Baguette express has created the image in the minds if the people to eat healthy and that Baguette provide the healthiest food.

The target markets for Baguette Express are students, office workers, and young professionals. The main aim of Baguette Express is to make its customers satisfied and to give them excellent service. Baguette express aims to be one of the largest chains in the UK within the next five years, they intend be the market leaders for snacks.

Key Benefits of Running a Baguette Express Franchise

There are numerous benefits attached with purchasing a Baguette Express franchise; firstly the business model of Baguette Express is proven to generate profits even in the long run, they provide many kinds of support to the franchisee, they have a competitive edge over others in their food and menu which makes them unique. Purchasing baguette express is a wonderful opportunity.

Other kind of support provided includes manuals, occasional visits, advertising, help in the site selection, the selection of equipment and training programs etc. Baguette Express also provides its franchisee with a list of reliable architects, Contractors and Consultant from which they can choose from.

Baguette Express is looking for individuals who are determined, dynamic, and focused on their work. They should have some prior experience within the industry and with franchising as this would make things easier. The individuals should be willing to learn and follow the manuals.

Baguette Express believes that the image it has created is very important and that everyone who wants a Baguette Express franchise should be very careful about it. The brand image of Baguette is its main selling point and it is a unique selling proposition. Customers are willing top pay a higher price because of the image.

Costs and Requirements of Running a Baguette Express Franchise

 In be eligible to purchase a Baguette Express franchise you would need an investment of £81,000 – £130,000. This investment includes, a license fee of £15,000, property fee of approximately £5,000 -£10,000, working capital of £2,500 and signage of £56,000 -£100,000 and tills of approximately £ 2,500

Equipment costs vary from £40,000 to £70,000; this does not include shipping and handling charges.

The shop size will be around 1,000 Sq. feet, with separate support functions and storage functions.

It has been estimated that a typical franchise shall yield a gross profit of £144,000, on a turnover of £240,000, with management charges of £16,800, and running costs of £81,000, this results in a net profit of almost £46,200 per annum.

Profits and costs involved will naturally vary depending on the size and location of the restaurant.

In order to apply for a franchise, the individual must make a business plan first; the template for this will be provided by Baguette express themselves. Approximately £20,000 – £35,000 liquid cash is required along with a certain n amount of net worth.

The above figures are only an estimate and they can vary up and down.

Contact Details

Baguette express can be contacted at the following address: 7/8 Market street Haddington, EH41 3JE,

telephone number: 0845 070 4360

and email address

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