Bad Ass Coffee Franchise

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Bad Ass Coffee Co. Franchise

Bad Ass Coffee is a franchise for a gourmet coffee shop selling Kona coffee.

Bad Ass Coffee Co. Franchise Information

The legend of Kona coffee (link coffee-tea) started when the people of kona, Hawaii heard the donkeys make sounds as they went up and down the mountains hauling heavy loads of coffee. The people started calling them Bad Ass Ones.  Bad Ass Coffee has carried on the name and in July of 1989, they opened their first store in Kona, Hawaii.
They bought out the Royal Aloha Coffee, Tea and Spice in 1995. That same year they opened their stores in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. Bad Ass are now expanding nationwide, as well as internationally; in Malaysia and in Japan.
They have been in business for more than 20 years and currently have 65 retail locations. Kona coffee is served wherever you go in Hawaii. It is known for being the richest and most flavourful in the world (though the people of Java, Vietnam and Columbia may disagree). Bad Ass Coffee purchases their coffee directly from the Kona farmers. It’s hand-picked and graded, then brought to the roasters. They guarantee that they serve 100% Kona coffee.

What is on the Menu at a Bad Ass Coffee store

What’s on the menu? They have Kona American Roast, Kona Full City Roast, Kona French Roast, and Peaberry. Aside from Kona coffee, they also have Kauai Full City Roast, Waialua Full City Roast, Maui Peaberry, and Maui Yellow Caturra, Full City Roast. Some of their Hawaiian Blends include Bad Ass Coffee 10% Kona Blend, Hawaiian Blend, Volcanic Roast, and the Obama Blend. If you prefer things organic, you can have Brazilian Organic or Peruvian Organic. You also have decaf options like Swiss Water Decaf Hula Pie or Swiss Water Decaf Chocolate Macnut. They have a wide range of flavoured coffee as well like Kreme Brulee Hawaiian Blend, Coconut Rum Hawaiian Blend, Island Hazelnut Hawaiian Blend, Chocolate Raspberry Hawaiian Blend, and Butter Toffee Rum Hawaiian Blend.
If you want to try all, you can get their samples packs with only 1.75oz each. After trying out their coffees, you can carry their logo around by getting a mug, mascot donkey, key chain, pin, shirts, caps, or even an apron. They also have gift baskets available.

Bad Ass Coffee Franchise Requirement Information

What do you need to become a franchisee? There’s no net worth requirement but you have to have a total liquid assets of at least $100,000.
Total investment would be around $225,000-$313,000. Franchise fee is $35,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. This is for a renewable 5 year term agreement.

Bad Ass Coffee Franchise Support and Training

What’s included in the package? There will be 2 weeks training at the headquarters and also at your location upon your request but they will provide you with a multi-media training manual. You will get site assistance including design and layout, equipment, signs, and a floor plan for your specific location.
Bad Ass Coffee will also assist you in the grand opening. Franchisees received newsletters and will have meetings as well. National and Regional marketing and advertising is included in the franchise package.

Bad Ass Coffee Franchise Contact Details

You can reach them at:
Phone: (888)422-3277/ (801)463-1966
Address: 166 W. 2700 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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