Milex Complete Auto Care Franchise

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Milex Complete Auto Care Franchise Information

Milex Complete Auto Care is a franchise for a business providing automotive repair. It was founded in 1967 and started franchising in 1979. They started out in 1967 as Milex Tune-Up and Brake.

They changed their name in 2006 to Milex Complete Auto Care. They provide general automotive maintenance and repair but specializing in mechanical repair. They provide complete auto care to domestics, imports, cars, trucks, vans, and 4×4’s. Each location is independently owned and being operated under Moran Industries, Inc. They now have 29 locations in the United States which are in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

What services do they offer at Milex Complete Auto Care?

They offer Computer Diagnostics. Most vehicles now are computer controlled. When “Check Engine” is lighting up, they will use this to determine what part of your car is malfunctioning. If the warning light is on, that means your car detected a problem and you need to have it go through Computer Diagnostics. For Air Conditioning services, they test for proper Freon, inspect all visual air conditioning components for leaks, and perform test on your air conditioning system. They advise not to take this for granted and have it checked on a regular basis. For the Brakes, the check they perform includes road testing the vehicle to check if it is operating properly, inspecting and measuring rotors and drums, and visual inspection including the hydraulic system, inspection of master cylinders, callipers, and wheel cylinders, checking of brake fluid and removing all wheels and inspecting the brake linings.

For Engine Maintenance, includes regular oil changes, maintaining all fluids, replacing worn out parts. For Heating and Cooling, they will clean the cooling system and replace the engine coolant. This will help prevent rust and corrosion inside the cooling system. For the Steering and Suspension, they will check it and replace it if it is already worn out. For the Fuel System, they will clean the carbon deposits from the fuel injection system. They may also replace the fuel filter. For their Signature Engine Oil and Filter Service, it includes lube chassis, check tire pressure, top off all fluids, install new oil filter and replace oil, check all filters, and under car visual inspection.

Cost and requirements on running a Milex Complete Auto Care franchise

You need to have a net worth of $300,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $60,000. Expect to be investing about $144,000 to $190,000. The cost of Milex Complete Auto Care franchise fee is $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 7%.  This is for a renewable 20 year term agreement. You will need three to four employees to run one location. They allow multi-unit ownership and absentee ownership.

What is included in the franchise package?

There will be one week training at the headquarters and three weeks at your location. You will be receiving newsletters and a toll free phone number. You will be provided assistance at the grand opening. You will be given access to the internet and to purchasing cooperatives. Expect to be attending meetings and receiving occasional field evaluations. For marketing support, there will be ad slicks, co-op advertising, and regional advertising.

Milex Complete Auto Care Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Phone: (888) 227-8468

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