Honey Dew Donuts Franchise

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Honey Dew Donuts Franchise

The Honey Dew Donuts franchise is for a donut bakery. It was founded in 1973 and started franchising in 1974.

It was founded by Richard J. Bowen and he is the current President of Honey dew Associates. Ever since he was little, he had the passion for donuts and dreamt of having a donut shop of his own. His father worked at a donut shop in West Roxbury, Massachusetts and he followed his father to work. When he was in high school, he worked at several donut shops and coffee shops while he prepared to have his own one day. In 1973, he was able to open his own donut shop in Mansfield, Massachusetts and named it Honey Dew Donuts. They say that it quickly became a favourite for the locals and he promised that his donuts are “Always Fresh, Always Good”. He did not planning on growing a chain of coffee and donut shop but one of his customers convinced him that he wanted to bring the shop to his local community. That customer became his first franchisee in 1975. He now has 149 locations in the United States and one location that is company owned.

What is on the menu at Honey Dew Donuts?

Their current featured products include Hot Apple Cider, Apple Cider and Cinnamon Apple Bark Donuts, Cranberry Apple Sticks and Caramel Apple, Mini Maple Pecan Scone with Maple Glaze and Mini Cinnamon Chip Scone with Cinnamon Glaze. For Bagel Sandwiches, they have Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel, Egg & Cheese Bagel, Ham, Egg White & Cheese Bagel, and Sausage, Egg White & Cheese Bagel. Their Bagels comes in different flavours such as Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, Asiago Bagel, and Wheat Bagel.

They have Cookies such as Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Peanut Butter Cookie. They have a wide variety of donuts like Apple Cider Donut, Blueberry Cake Donut, Butternut Donut, Boston Cream Donut, Chocolate Iced Donut, Coconut Donut, Cinnamon Donut, Double Chocolate Donut, Honey Dew Donut, Homecut Donut, French Cruller, Honey Dip Donut, Strawberry Frosted Donut, and Vanilla Frosted Donut. They also have Coffee, Flavoured Coffee, Iced Coffee, Cream Cheese, Dew Drops, Croissant Sandwiches, English Muffin Sandwiches, Frozen Drinks, International Breakfast, Muffins, Pastries, and Tea.

Cost and requirements on running a Honey Dew Donuts franchise

You need to have a net worth of $400,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $100,000. Expect to be investing about $87,000 to $796,000. The cost of Honey Dew Donuts franchise fee is $35,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 7%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement. You will need about 20 employees to run one location. They allow multi-unit ownership. They do not allow absentee ownership.

What is included in the franchise package?

There will be three weeks training at the headquarters and on-going training at your location. You will be receiving newsletters and assistance at the grand opening. You will be given access to the internet and to purchasing cooperatives. Expect to be attending meetings and receiving occasional field evaluations. For marketing support, there will be ad slicks, co-op advertising, and regional advertising.

Honey Dew Donuts Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Address: 2 Taunton Street Plainville, MA 02762

Phone: (800) 946-6393

Email: agallagher@honeydewdonuts.com

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