Hey Buddy! Pet Supply Vending Company Franchise

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Hey Buddy! Pet Supply Vending Company Franchise

Hey Buddy! Is a franchise for a pet needs vending machine. It was founded by Carlotta Lennox in 1998. She was then visiting a dog park in Miami when she noticed that they needed a place to get clean-up supplies, treats, toys, and water for the pets.

She spent years researching on how to answer these needs. After she was able to get a patent on the concept, she placed the first Hey Buddy! Vending machine at a dog park called Bark Park Central in the city of Dallas in Texas.

What exactly is a Hey Buddy! Vending machine business?

It’s the only vending service that caters to pet needs and can be conveniently found anywhere. You can find these vending machines in apartment complexes, rest stops, dog parks, RV parks, high rises, and in veterinary clinics. It could be anywhere that has pets. What’s in a pet supply vending machine? If you were just walking your dog and suddenly decided to go to the park instead but you forgot to bring a toy, you can get that from the vending machine. They have toys like Frisbees and balls. If you start noticing fleas around and you weren’t ready for it, you can get a flea collar at the vending machine.

If your dog poops when it’s not their usual schedule and you weren’t prepared for it, you can get pick-up bags in the vending machine. Your dog takes that first fetch when you least expected him to. Go get him a treat at the vending machine. They also have some items that are not available in major pet stores like BarkBars, K9 Quencher, and edible birthday cards. Add leashes and vitamin rich water to the list and you’ll know that it’s a one stop shop for your pet. The prices of the products ranges from $1 to $10.

Hey Buddy is the vending machine service that is pet friendly and they have been featured in national television like in Early Today and MSNBC. They have also been in big publications like Entrepreneur magazine, Perspectives, Millionaire Blueprints, and ModernDog Magazine.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Hey Buddy! Pet Supply Vending Company Franchise

They only require a total liquid asset of at least $10,000. Expect to be investing about $6,800 to $69,800. Franchise fee is $4,200 to $8,200. This is a renewable 5 year term agreement.

Franchise Training and Support: What’s included in the package?

First is the actual machine. Their vending machines are fully equipped and designed specifically for Hey Buddy! It accepts all coins and bills and some coupons. You also have the option to include credit card terminals and monitoring software. If you’re getting more than one unit, they would give you discounts. If you purchase more than 3 machines, you will be given 1 day training at the Dallas office but this is not mandatory as you will also be given an operations manual. They have approved products that goes thru a process to keep the brand trust and with this said, purchasing cooperatives are included. For marketing, they have co-op advertising.

Contact Details:

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 15950 N. Dallas Pkwy., Tower II, #400 Dallas, Texas 75248

Phone: (469)939-3232

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