Go Kart Party Franchise

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Go Kart Party Franchise

The Go kart party franchise business deals with organizing go karting for children’s parties, occasions and gatherings.  This unique business venture gives kids the opportunity to have the most fun as well as an experience they will not soon forget. The company organizes these events for children all over the United Kingdom.

Go Kart party  is a member of the British Franchise Association and franchise opportunities for people who are fond of working with children in the United Kingdom.  It so far has a stable reputable and successful network of 45 franchises in the UK.

The cost of the Go kart party franchise is £25,000, £10000 is the actual franchise fee and the remaining £15000 is for all the equipments needed for running the franchise.

The equipments bought will include four go karts, eight batteries, four battery chargers, five thousand colour brochures, one thousand business cards and a fully paid insurance for the first year.

Perks of taking out the Go Kart Party franchise

When you purchase the Go Kart Franchise you are bound for the following perks!

. Go kart does not take any form of commission from the sales and profits you make, however one is required to pay a monthly fee of £250 for management purposes.

. Complete training of the business which basically covers all the important aspects of the business from sales and marketing to actually organize the parties.

. Exclusively protected franchise territory which has ample growth opportunities, which may lead to owning of multiple karts. These areas are:

. North West England

. North East Midlands

. South West England

This site provides further information on UK Business Franchises.

· Total support from the go kart headquarters so that you are guided in the right business path to success.

· Equipments fro running the franchise can be leased from the company at a fair price if one is not capable of buying new equipments running through 2,3,4,5 years

Franchise Funding

· Go kart party now offers financing terms through their bankers; Nat West. This allows you to work for six months without paying the go kart party. Basically you just earn income for that particular period of time with no required payments whatsoever. Funding is also available from 50% to 70% of the purchase price depending on applicant’s   situation.

working capital for the business is estimated to be as low as £100.

Who should buy the Go kart franchise?

Go kart party seeks the following qualities in those who wish to purchase the franchise,

· Motivated individuals

· Quick problem solver

· People who take pleasure in working with children,

· Committed individuals, willing to work weekends

Go Kart Party Franchise Information

For further information on go kart party you can:

· Call 0870 116 2000

· Or visit their website

· Attend a Go Kart Party Discovery Day.

There you can learn the whole business operations, see  the equipment used for the business, the training and support systems we offer. You are encouraged to attend if you are considering purchasing the franchise.

to know the date and place send go kart  party an email with your  personal contact details such as  name , phone number and your postcode and they will send you information of the next  Discovery Day.

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