El Pollo Loco Franchise

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El Pollo Loco Franchise

El Pollo Loco is a franchise for a fast food chain mainly serving Mexican food.

It was founded by Juan Francisco Ochoa in 1975. The first location was opened in Guasave in Mexico. It was just a roadside chicken stand and named in Spanish, El Pollo Loco which means, The Crazy Chicken. It became very famous for their chicken. They have a recipe that was passed on to generations. It was fresh chicken marinated in citrus juices, herbs, and other spices and then flame grilled. It is hand cut and served hot off the grill. It became big and popular and started expanding in Northern Mexico. Only a few years after, in 1980, they crossed the border and opened their first location in the United States in Los Angeles, California, on Alvarado Street. Their chicken prospered and then in 1998, self-serve salsa bars were installed in restaurants. They allowed the customers to design their own salads included choices such as Spicy Chipotle Salsa, House Salsa, Pico de Gallo, and Avocado Salsa. El Pollo Loco is now headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. It is now owned by Trimaran Capital Partners and company management. They now have about 235 locations all over the United States and 168 locations that are company owned.

What is on the menu at El Pollo Loco?

Their chickens are available in quantities enough for a whole family. You can have it in eight pieces with two classic sides, 10 pieces with two classic sides, and 12 pieces with three classic sides. Their sides include flame-grilled corn, sweet potato fries, sweet corn cake, fresh vegetables, BBQ black beans, rice, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, and chicken tortilla soup. The chicken is also available in a two piece and three piece combos.

For salads and bowls, they have pollo bowl, tostada salad, ultimate bowl, and grilled chicken salad. For burritos, they have twice grilled burrito, ultimate grilled burrito, classic chicken burrito, and two tortilla rolls. They also have fish tacos available in spicy avocado and classic baja. Some locations offer chicken taco al carbon, loco side salad, BRC burrito, crunchy chicken taco, taquito, flan, and churros. Most of their meals are a part of a combo that includes sides and drinks.

Costs and requirements on running an El Pollo Loco franchise

You need to have a net worth of $1,000,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $300,000. Expect to be investing about $427,000 to $803,000. The El Pollo Loco franchise fee is $40,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 4%. This is for a renewable 20 year term agreement. They require food-service background, marketing skills, and general business experience in this industry. You will need about 25 employees to run one location. They do not allow absentee ownership.

What is included in the franchise package?

There will be six weeks training at the headquarters, two weeks at your location, and six weeks at certified training stores. You will be provided a toll free number, assistance at the grand opening, and will be attending meetings. You will be given access to the internet and purchasing cooperatives. You may also expect occasional field evaluations from El Pollo Loco. For marketing, there will be ad slicks and regional advertising.

El Pollo Loco Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Address: 3535 Harbor Blvd., #100 Costa Mesa, California 92626

Phone: (714)599-5000

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