CrepeMaker Franchise

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CrepeMaker Franchise

After a wonderful holiday in France sometime during 1992, Husband and wife team Christopher Hoffman and Maria Sune decided that it was time for a big change in their lives.

Thanks to the France people selling the most delicious crepes in carts on the street, these two decided to take it a little further. It was exactly there, in the streets of France, where they imagined selling their own hand held crepes in the many attractive streets that located in South Florida. This is the one meal which you can have in your hands and enjoy, whilst you wander around the streets. They created the most stunning combinations of crepes, which made them popular within a short time. The delightfulness of these different combinations are enough to satisfy a person with the biggest appetite, as well as those with a sweet tooth.

Benefits associated with Running a CrepeMaker Franchise

There is no stop to the benefits of starting such a franchise. The company has at the moment franchises in California, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. However, they are hoping to open more franchises in areas such as Puerto Rico, Canada, three more units in California and Florida and another two in New Jersey. By the amount of franchises they already have and plan to open, you will be very likely to have great success with this business. The team from CrepeMaker will offer assistance you with your business plan, goals and set up. They will also be there during the course of your business years, in order to assist you with whichever help you might need. Not only will you have the media behind you for the great marketing of your business, but you will also be able to join in the different festivals in which CrepeMaker is a partner. The company is also closely involved in fundraising events.

Costs and Requirements of a CrepeMaker Franchise

In order to start your own CrepeMaker franchise, you will need a minimum liquid amount of about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This is a very small amount for a franchise if you consider what you will get out of this business. They do have a requirement that you open your franchise nationally (within the USA) as they are currently not catering for international clients; however, Canada is on the map for a future franchise. You can always launch only one franchise and as your business grows, you can start investing in other franchises, either by becoming a partner or by having your own franchise. With such a team of successful entrepreneurs behind you, there is only one way for you, and that is the road to success.

Contact Details

You can contact any of the team members by either visiting their website at Here you will have the option of filling out an on-line request and they will contact you via email.

You can email them at

Telephone; 305 233 1113

Fax: 305 252 3100.

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