Chill Bubble Tea Franchise

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Chill Bubble Tea Franchise

Chill Bubble Tea is a franchise offering a smoothie with Tapioca Pearls that was first popularized in the Republic of China in the 1980’s.

Chill Bubble Tea Information

Bubble Tea has  become well known and consumed worldwide. These small pearl shaped Tapiocas are freshly made daily in every branch of Chill Bubble Tea. Chill Bubble tea was started in Chicago in the year 2004. It grew strong and they are now franchising throughout the country. They now have locations in Arizona, North Carolina andTexas. The owners believed in the product and the people that made this franchise successful. They have built a culture within the company to keep everyone at their success. First is Integrity.
Chill Bubble Tea make sure that the people they hire, whether franchisee or support employees, has integrity in their lives. Second is Creativity. They give importance to new ideas that each person can contribute to the company. Third is Passion. They believe that you have to have passion in what you do to make every single customer happy.

What is served up at a Chill Bubble Tea Franchise

What’s on the menu? For the Bubble Teas, they have the classics like cantaloupe, French vanilla, and watermelon. For fresh fruits, they have Strawberry, Banana, and Mango, to name a few. And lastly for Bubble Teas, they have the Creations such as Cool Blue Raspberry, Marshmallow Puff, and Pina Colada. Each fruit is hand-picked by the store manager and they only buy super premium Dole fruits.
Their Tapiocas are made fresh every day in each branch with the best quality ingredients. Now after the Bubble Teas are their Loos Leaf Teas which are also available online. They have the Classics, Breakfast Black, Jasmine Green, or Wuyi Oolong. For Signatures, they have Toasted Coconut Truffle, Pomegranate Bliss, and Tropical Daydream. They also have the Seasonal menu that you can ask each location about. These are only very few of what they have. You should have enough to try a new one every day of the month. Besides the teas, they have their Chill Swirls. It’s frozen yogurt that has only 200 calories per serving or you may opt to add some cereal or fruit toppings.

Costs and requirements for a Chill Bubble Tea Franchise

What are the requirements to become a franchisee of Chill Bubble Tea? Net worth requirement is $100,000 and you have to have at least $50,000 of total liquid assets.
They don’t allow absentee ownership.
They are very particular with the culture of the people they work with.
Total investment would be at around $111,500-$254,000.
Franchise fee is $30,000 and an on-going royalty fee of 6%.
This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement.

Chill Bubble Tea Franchise Training and Support

What’s included in the package? There will be one week training at the headquarters and another one week at your location. You will be assisted in building from the ground up. You will also get on-going support by phone, email, mail, and even in person. They have a full professional staff with a total experience of about 30 years to help you from the design, construction, and on-going marketing and consultation.

Chill Bubble Tea Franchise Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Phone: (888)345-2445
Address: 404 Stratford Sq. Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108
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