Cena To Go Franchise

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Cena To Go Franchise

Cena To Go is a franchise for a meal preparation service. What they do is have their staff pre-assemble meals. Customers can either have them delivered in their homes or office or they can pick them up from their site.

 It was started by Tami and Bruce Badinger in 2004. What makes them different from other meal preparation services is their full wine shop besides the meals, baked goods, and side dishes. Each order can be personalized and that makes it easier even for children. You can specify what ingredient goes in. This is good especially for those who have food allergies. Their made-from-scratch soups can be frozen and heated when you need it. Certainly makes meals healthier without having to spend too much time cooking. They now serve not only dinners but also lunches. The concepts have certainly grown into the culture and have been utilized on big gatherings. They now have 25 franchises in the US and in Canada.

How does meal preparation work at Cena to go?

When you place your order, they will do all the grocery and assembling for you. They even do the cleaning after. All that you need for each entree is prepared and you just need to place it in a container and place a sticker for instructions on how to cook it. When you’re done with the first entree, you move on to the next until you’re done with all the entrees. When you get home, immediately place it inside the freezer. Thaw and heat as needed.

How does Cena help to save money?

You only get the ingredients you need. You don’t need to get whole portions in the grocery. They have food prepared for 6-12 servings and can be prepared separately. Neither would you need to spend for cleaning up the kitchen and it even saves you the trip to the grocery.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Cena To Go Franchise

You need a net worth of $250,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $50,000. They would prefer if you have a background on cooking and business management. Total investment needed is $148,400-$205,500. Franchise fee is $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 5%. This is for a renewable term agreement of 10 years.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There would be a thorough training for 4 days in their headquarters and 3 days in your location. There will be marketing planning and advertising. They will also help you in finding the perfect location and building your site. The company has monthly newsletters sent to franchisees. You will also be given an operations and employee manuals. Each location has a website. Your package includes a professional web site design. They will help you during your grand opening. They have an operational system that works and will be shared with you. Franchisee also gets on-going support.

Contact Address

You may reach them at:




12501 N. Hwy 395, #3

Spokane, Washington 99218

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