Casino Tony Goes Franchise

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Casino Tony Goes Franchise

Incorporated in 1953, Casino Tony goes is a restaurant featuring a welcoming and content ambiance. The specialty of the restaurant is in serving Italian food, and the original Italian hotdog today known as “the jersey dog” was invented here.

Casino Tony goes started its franchise operations from 2005. The man behind this restaurant was Canio (Tony) Sbarro’s, who had a vision to serve freshly made Italian hot dogs. The restaurant is known for providing delicious Italian food including salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, ice cream etc.

Casino Tony goes was named after Casino, his customers named the restaurant after him as they really liked his hot dogs. In 2006, Casino Tony goes had two U.S franchises and 1 company owned restaurant.

Casino Tony goes offers all kinds of services including delivery dine in and take away. In order to attract more people Casino Tony has diversified its menu and also included vegetarian food, kids food, desserts and ice creams.

Requirements Needed to Run a Casino Tony Goes Franchise

In order to buy a franchise of Casino Tony goes, you have to have prior business experience. Casino Tony goes provides extensive training for two weeks at the headquarters to its franchisees in order to make them understand the concept of Casino Tony goes. The training includes, classroom training and in house training.

Casino Tony goes provides a great opportunity for franchising with a unique concept; currently they want to expand and so are looking for franchisees worldwide. The unique concept and the comfortable atmosphere are the two key components which sets Casino Tony apart from its competitors. It provides full breakfast, lunch and light dinner.

Casino Tony goes provides ongoing support to its franchisees in the form of security and safety procedures, field operations, evaluations and grand opening. It also provides marketing support and helps in advertising and campaigns.

Casino Tony goes also provides support to its franchisees through chat and email. Certain people in Casino Tony goes are specially are dedicated towards helping the franchisees in every way they can. Even before the franchise is set up Casino Tony goes helps people in filling out the application form etc.

Although Casino Tony goes does not provide financing itself but does have a number of finance lenders who are trust worthy and reliable. Recently to increase its revenue base Casino Tony goes has partnered with the Philadelphia based meat maker “Dietz & Watson”. Dietz & Watson will act as a sponsor as well as a hot dog provider to Casino Tony goes, enhancing the marketing and promotional activities of both the companies. This has resulted in an increase in revenue for both the companies.

Costs associated with a Casino Tony Goes Franchise

The total investment required to qualify to take a franchise of Casino Tony Goes ranges from $386,100 – $591,800, depending on the size and location of the restaurant. The franchise fee is $30,000 and the ongoing royalty fee is 6%. The terms of agreement are renewable.

Contact Details

Casino Tony goes can be contacted at (609) 213-2984, email address

The headquarters for Casino Tony goes are located at 15 Anderson St, Trenton, New Jersey 08611. Website

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