Bruegger’s Franchise

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Bruegger’s Franchise

Bruegger’s is known for its baked bagels and boiled bagels. The company was founded in 1993 and it started franchising from the start. Brueggers saw the requirement of quick healthy food and so established itself as a quick relaxed restaurant. They also have a bakery.

Bruegger was ranked 8th in 2008 among the top 100 movers and shakers, in fast casual magazine, it was ranked 1st in 2009 in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and 15th in 2008 for franchise satisfaction; and came in the top 200 in Nations restaurant news in 2008.

Brueggers is proud to make its products with all the natural ingredients, there are very little artificial foods used; they are avoided if at all possible; this makes it unique from most other restaurants.

As more and more people are turning towards healthy and casual food for health reaons, this as enabled Brueggers to gain momentum in its sector over time.

Bruegger has around 290 bakeries in 25 states. They are still planning to expand and grow and so are actively offering franchises to suitable candidates.

To be able to open up a Bruegger franchise you should have prior franchise experience, good business skills, motivation and the drive to move forward. You should be well aware of the surroundings and should be able to take great care of the customers. You should also be willing to work at all hours.

Bruegger has a process through which every individual has to go in order to qualify for a franchise. The process has eight steps, starting from initial qualification, financial verification, face to face interview, observation day, business plan, approval packet review and finally a signing and orientation day. This process is very time consuming; this is due to Brueggers wanting the best people possible to run their franchise.

Costs and Requirements of Running a Bruegger’s Franchise

 Bruegger provides franchise rights for three bakeries. In order to qualify for the franchise you need to have liquid cash of around £120,000 and a net worth of £200,000 for each bakery. Prior business experience is a must, all financial qualifications should be met and you should have a keen interest to work in this business field. Training is provided by specialized trainers.

There is also marketing support available. A certain percentage of sales go into a fund which is used for advertising purposes; Brueggers advertises both internationally and locally. Additionally there is a requirement that you spend two percent of gross sales on advertising your stores locally.

The total estimated investment for the franchise varies from £ 250,000 to £ 420,000; this includes the fee for the franchise. The royalty fee is 5% of the gross sales. And the franchise fee is £22,000. The franchise agreement is for ten years; an additional ten year option is available.

Contact Details

Brueggers can be contacted on the following address for more information: Burlington Vermont 05402 0374,

Phone number: 1 802 660 4020

Fax number: 1 802 652 9293.

You can also email at

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