Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise

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Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise

Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe is a franchise serving desserts and specializes in cream puffs.

Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe  Information

It was all started by Yuji Hirota in Osaka, Japan in 1999. It was named Beard Papa after the people got to know him for his puffy white beard that looked like clouds. Since Beard Papa became known for his cream puffs, he had the slogan “Pipin’ Hot Cream Puffs. Their specialty, chaux pastry shells piped with whipped cream custard. Beard Papa became known worldwide.
It now has locations on different countries other than Japan such as China, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, UK, Tahiti, Philippines, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, and the US.  They have over 250 locations in Japan and 300 around the world. They are now also planning on opening locations in Middle East and in Brazil. Beard Papa is a part of the Muginoho Group Family sharing with other restaurants in Asia, Americas, and in Europe.

What is served up at a Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise

What’s on the menu at Beard Papa’s? First of all, let’s start with the cream puffs. It’s made of 2 layers of chaux pastry. It’s layered twice so that it creates the crunchy outside and soft inside. These are baked fresh every day. What’s inside? Their Whipped Cream Custard is made from all natural ingredients and imported and high quality vanilla bean grains. They blend it in several steps creating a very fluffy and luscious to the pallet feel. Besides the original vanilla flavour, they now have coffee, pumpkin, chocolate, earl grey tea, strawberry, green tea, and éclair.
Other desserts available are mocha ice cream which is an ice cream filled rice cake and mango ice shower made with mango chunks topped on shaved ice and layers of natural sauce. They also have cheesecake sticks, and fondant au chocolate served hot and when you slice it, the melted chocolate inside will flow. Another favourite of customers is the mont-blanc which is their original vanilla cream puff topped with French chestnut cream.

Costs and requirements of a Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise

What do you need to become a franchisee of Beard Papa’s? You need to have a net worth of $300,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $150,000. Total investment would be at around $161,000-$326,000. Franchise fee is $15,000-$40,000 depending on whether you’re franchising a kiosk or a regular store. They also have an on-going royalty fee of 5%. This is for a renewable 5 year term agreement. They don’t allow absentee ownership.

Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise Training and Suport

What’s included in the package? There will be assistance at the grand opening. You will also be provided with regional advertising. It will be at the best of your interest to contact them directly to make negotiations as each location may be different from the rest. To inquire about their franchising opportunities, they request specifically not to contact their office in New York and instead, visit their website and click on “inquire here” on their franchise page. Also available on that page is a link that directs to a sample contract for US franchisees.

Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe Franchise Contact Details

Phone: (646)418-3190
Address: 1001 Avenue of the Americas, #1110 New York, New York 10018
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