Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise

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Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise

The story of how Abbott’s frozen yogurt was made goes back to 1992. Arthur Abbott is the man behind this, he discovered frozen yogurt while perfecting some recipes for other frozen concoctions.

The business is based in Rochester, New York, and it first started franchising in 1977 and at the time of writing has 31 franchise stores through out New York, four in Florida, one in Massachusetts, one in Louisiana, and one Colorado. In New York state, the stores are located in: Rochester, Finger Lakes, Buffalo, Syracuse and Shrub Oak.

Benefits of Running a Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise

Why should you get an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise? This is a question which is asked by many people, there are a number of reasons for getting an Abbott’s frozen custard franchise. Firstly it claims to make the best ice cream in the world. They have even won many awards for having the best recipe for ice cream. Almost all the customers come back to sample the ice cream again after they have tried it once.

Additionally, Abbott’s frozen custard has a custom of excellence over a prolonged period of time. They rapidly expanded after the 1900’s and opened up lots of franchises.

Abbots Frozen Custard provides its franchisees with individual attention which cannot be found in many of the franchisees, this is the main reason for their success.

Franchise training and support at Abbott’s Frozen Custard

 A lot of support is provided to the franchisees, training at the headquarters is for one week and at the franchisee location for at least a week. Ongoing and marketing support is also provided. This ongoing support is provided in the from of a grand opening, Internet usage, field operations and the establishment of purchasing cooperatives. Marketing support is provided in the form of co-op advertising and ad slick. There are usually around four to six employees required in order to run the franchise successfully.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running an Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise

  • Previous franchise experience is considered to be a plus for the franchisee but not necessary. As the Abbott’s frozen custard provides the training themselves they believe that prior industry experience is not necessary as long as the individual is confident, intelligent and determined.
  • Abbott’s Frozen custard have detailed criteria for the size of their stores, with the ideal being approximately 1,000 square feet, However they can range anywhere between 900-12000 square feet.
  • In order to qualify for an Abbott’s frozen custard franchise, an individual should have a net worth of $350,000 and liquid cash of around $100,000. The total estimated investment for the franchise is between $120,000 – $126,800 and the franchise fee is $19,000. The term of agreement is renewable for 10 years.
  • Another important point to note is that the location of the store is restricted to the eastern seaboard of the U.S; this is because of the location of their warehouse.

Contact Details

In order to contact Abbott’s frozen custard the address is 4791 Lake Ave. Rochester, New York 14612 and phone number: (585) 865 7400.

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