AArrow Advertising Franchise

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AArrow Advertising Franchise

AArrow Advertising is a franchise for an advertising agency specializing in signage’s being held by people. It all started in 1999 when Max Durovic got a summer job as a sign holder.

It became too boring for him that he thought of ways to make it more entertaining and so, he danced with the sign. He enjoyed his job too much that his friends envied him. They applied for sign-holding jobs and soon there were dozens of human advertisers in San Diego. They began throwing and spinning the signs and competing with themselves that they caught attention from the public which was good. They called themselves the sign spinners.

When Max got back from finishing college in 2001, the sign spinners decided to put up their own business. Their first client was for a furniture store. Just for the weekend, the store wanted to give them a try. Within the first 30 minutes of sign spinning, a lady went in and bought the most expensive furniture they had from the CEO who was then visiting. The CEO was so impressed that he gave them a list of stores nationwide they wanted AArrow advertising to go to. Then they expanded. COO Mike Kenny managed San Diego while Max handled Washington D.C. and the East. It continued to grow as many was impressed with the business they bring in and in 2009, they became a global franchise. They have had big clients like FOX Channel Five, H&R Block, Staples, Subway, Toys ‘R’Us, Wells Fargo, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Verizon Wireless, just to name a few.

What services do they offer?

Their best seller is the Weekend Warriors who works Saturday and Sunday from 5-7 hours. The sign spinners can either stay right in front of your store or at a busy area directing customers to your store or anywhere you feel advertising would be most helpful. They also offer Special Events wherein in 2-15 sign spinners would come and do tricks and teach a few to your guests. You can even customize their outfits and routines if you want. There’s the option for Rush Hour Blitz when it’s the best time to target the most people at a short span of time. They also do Grand Openings, Sporting Events, Trade Shows, Branding and Live Taping.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running an AArrow Advertising Franchise

The franchise can be run from home so you’ll save on realty but they don’t allow absentee ownership. Expect to be in vesting about $36,000 to $81,000. Franchisee Fee is $24,500 with an on-going royalty fee of 7%.

Training and Support: What’s included in the package?

There will be 5 days training at the headquarters. The training is sales, marketing, operations, financial management, personnel, and employee retention. You will also be taught how to prepare price packages and proposals plus designing the customized outdoor campaign. After the initial training, you will have 3 weeks training in your location. You will be given assistance recruiting and training sign spinners and your marketing plan to start up the business. You will also receive an operation manual while there will be on-going strategic advice and education.

Contact Details

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 4132 Valeta St. San Diego, California 92107

Phone: (888)522-7769

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