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Tumble Tots Franchise Information

For over 25 years, tumble tots has been the number one play program for kids aged from six months to seven years, and has been making a great contributing to the physical health of children.

It achieves this by giving them the opportunity to have active lifestyles and life skills such as confidence , discipline and endurance. This franchise has helped over a million children since its formation in 1979 by Bill Cosgrave, the coach of Britain’s 1968 Olympic Gymnastics squad.

Tumble Tots is an international franchise; the acquisition of Tumble Tots in by theJack Chia-MPH Group, it was introduced in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
In 1990 Tots (UK) Ltd in its efforts to strengthen its brand and to show its commitment to improving the lives of children bought out one of the most read parenting magazines: Start Magazine. This is distributed twice to all Tumble Tots members. It can also be found on news stands.
Recently tumble tots has been acquired by the Sina group. They have plans to develop tumble tots brand even further. By expanding it to new markets world wide. Currently tumble tots owns more than five hundred centers in the UK. These comprise over one hundred franchises, with over 60,000 members.
Tumble Tots has been operating Franchise Network since its formation in 1979 It so far has a stable reputable and successful network of 100 franchises in the UK and many franchisees have benefited greatly from the opportunity not only financially but also from the satisfaction of being able to help children.

The Tumble Tots franchise

It will cost a minimum of £13,000 to set up a Tumble tots franchise in the UK, at least £6,000 of this money must come from the applicant, with the franchiser having arrangements for financing the remainder.
Tumble tot franchisees provide the TumbleTots program in different centers that fall under their set territories every week.
The  franchisees obtain their income through the weekly session fees.
Tumble Tots (UK) Limited arranges a comprehensive insurance policy covering all aspects of the business.

What it takes to become a tumble tot franchisee

The most important quality that tumble tots ltd looks for in a franchisee is Individuals who are fond of working with children their parents.
The other qualities needed are basically any  successful business person needs:
. Individuals who are Confident, enthusiastic with excellent communication and people skills.
. Individuals who are committed to building a successful business and who are self motivated.
. Individuals who are Business minded, that is able to plan organize, control and take charge of the business.
. Individuals who can lead others, and motivate other.

Tumble Tots available franchise opportunities

Tumble tots has several areas to which its looking to expand its brand these include Exeter, Solihull, Southampton And Rosey, Sheffield West, Chesterfield, Portsmouth, Glasgow South, Bristol, Aberden, Wimbledon, Fulham ,Belfast, North Cardiff.
There is also the possibility of acquiring an already established tumble tot franchise in  Loughborough, Bromely, Burton, Trent, Uxbridge, Blackpool or Worcester.

Contact Details

For further information on the franchise fees and more  please contact Tumble Tots (UK) Limited.
Blue Bird Park, Bromsgrove Road,
Hunnington, Halesowen,
West Midlands B62 OTT
tel: +44 (0) 121 585 7003
fax: +44 (0) 121 585 6891
Or visit their website.
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