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The Counter Franchise Information

With eighteen different chain locations throughout America, Australia and Ireland, The Counter businesses are some of the most popular burger places around.

When you go to one of these places, you can expect to build your own burger in whichever shape and form you would like. At the moment there are just four of these franchises in Northern California.

The owners of these franchises are Katz and partners. Mr. Peter Katz is the main partner in these franchises. Before deciding to buy his first franchise, he had worked in the software industry for about twenty years. The reason he decided to actually invest in one of these franchises is that he saw a little bit of himself in them. Who would not want to sit in a place and build their very own burger? The experience will be much more different from what you will get in another burger joint.

Benefits of Running a The Counter Franchise

You will receive many benefits from opening a The Counter franchise in the Northern California area. You will not only have the benefits, but also great support from Katz and partners to assist you every step of the way. By having the necessary support from people who already made a success of what they are doing is the best way in which to succeed with your own franchise. Not only the experience of having such a place will be incredible, but also the atmosphere, concept and anything else in these places are much more different from other places.

Therefore, the general atmosphere is more relaxed because of the lovely music and you will gain more customers due to the high amount of combinations out of which they can choose. They have about three hundred and twelve thousand different combinations. Just imagine how many clients you could attract with this as a draw card. Not only will you have all of this available to you, but you will have the press on your side, as well. There is major press coverage around these franchises.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running a The Counter Franchise

If you are thinking about opening one of these franchises, you seriously need to consider the budget that you have. It will cost you between seven hundred thousand and about one million dollars to start such a franchise, but over the long run, you will see that this initial endowment will yield a high profit margin, compared to what you are investing right now. This might sound like a large investment, but you are expected to turn substantial profits within a year or two, especially has you will have a great Management team on your side.

 Contact Details

 If you need, more information about opening one of these franchises, you can visit the website on or you can phone and email them. Their contact details are:

The telephone number is 310 559 3355

The fax number is 310 559 3356

If you can visit them directly, you can go to 8571 Higuera Street Culver City, CA. You can also submit an email request to them via the internet.

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