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Service Master Clean Information

Service Master Clean is considered to be one of the leading cleaning companies world wide; it was founded in 1952 and 1959 in the UK. It has a well established network of 4500 units in over 12 countries (including the USA), serving 1 million people.
Service Master Clean is no ordinary cleaning business and is known for its high quality, professional services which leave customers highly satisfied.
Apart form holding a respectable position in the cleaning industry, Master service clean was ranked 12th best franchise by entrepreneur magazine in its franchise 500, this just goes out to show that master service clean is a very good investment opportunity for people who are looking to be there own bosses.

With master service clean there are 5 franchise opportunities, listed below with their cost requirements

  1. Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services: This enables a franchisee to provide commercial and janitorial services to its customers. For this business opportunity a franchisee is required to have an estimate of about $8,400 including working capital.
  2. Commercial Carpet & Specialty Cleaning: This allows a franchisee to provide carpet maintenance and superior carpet cleaning service. For this business opportunity a franchisee is required to have an estimate of $5,900  including working capital.
  3. Disaster Restoration Services:This allows a franchisee to provide cleaning and restoration services in urgent situations. For this business opportunity a franchisee is required to have an estimate of $16,500 including working capital.
  4. Residential Services: Through this business a franchisee will be able to specialize in carpet cleaning and upholstery, a franchisee will require a minimum of $8,650 including working capital.
  5. Small Market Services: A small market service allows a franchisee to serve an area which has a population of 12,000, for this business opportunity a franchisee requires $15,900 including working capital.

Assistant and support available with a Service Master Clean franchise

Service Master Clean provides its support and assistance through the following methods:
  • A franchise is assigned a business development manager to help guide him/her through the steps of establishing the business by giving advice in marketing, setting objectives increasing sales etc.
  • Service master clean provides training for the franchisee, the payment of which is included in the franchise fee. The training is held for two weeks  at its headquarters in Memphis. The training covers basically everything one needs to know in order to operate the franchise successfully, including how to manage a business, recruiting employees and how to train them properly,  as well as marketing and sales.

Finance the Purchase of your ServiceMaster Clean Franchise

The ServiceMaster clean provides help to qualified franchisee applicants to start their business through the service master Acceptance Company (SMAC).  SMAC is designed to help the franchisee and with that in mind it offers financial help with lenient methods of repayments and  an affordable rate, applications for the financial assistance are approved very quickly, and the franchisee does not have to pay any fees to get the assistance. It offers financial assistance of up to 80% and payment can be made over a period of 7 years.

How to apply for a Service Master Clean franchise

For further information call them on 1-800-338-6833
or email them at
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