Parisi Speed School Franchise

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Parisi Speed School Franchise Information

Parisi Speed School is a franchise for a business providing youth performance training. It was founded by Bill Parisi in 1992.

He wanted to change the training system of Americans because he saw that they had too many limitations. He started with just a $500 van, some equipment, and his knack for motivational speaking. He went around different high schools in New Jersey and looked for teams and coaches who wanted to try his new training technique. He started the business with just himself and he single-handedly changed the way athletes were to how we know them now.

That is where the Parisi Speed School started. He continued on with his successful system that he decided to expand and franchise in 2005. They have had 500,000 athletes in different sports and levels who have had experience with the Parisi Speed School. The clients they have starts at the age of seven and up to the Pros. They say that their secret lies in two things. First is that they help them improve their athletic performance and the second is helping them develop a higher level self-confidence. They now have 44 locations in the United States and five locations that are company owned.

What programs do they offer at the Parisi Speed School?

It all starts with the Performance Evaluation for all ages. What they do is assess the current ability level of an athlete for them to be able to place them in a proper grouping and be given a proper exercise prescription. Through identification of these factors, they will be able to set an attainable goal and monitor the athlete’s progress.

The Jump Start program is for young athletes aged seven to 11 years old which they claim to be the most crucial stage in developing the athlete’s motor skills. This program focuses on coordination, body weight strength, running technique, flexibility, first step quickness, weight loss, injury prevention, and self confidence. Total Performance is for ages 12 to 18 years old. It is designed to improve speed, improve agility, increase strength, maximize jumping ability, and develop endurance, boost confidence, and decrease susceptibility to injury. The program is consisted of five components including evaluation, speed training, strength training, flexibility, and nutrition. For ages 17 and above, they have the P.E.A.K. (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) program. The Total Conditioning program uses different modes of training like Swiss balls, medicine balls, partner body weight exercises, resistance bands, resisted running, ladder exercises, yoga, and plyometrics.

Cost and requirements on running a Parisi Speed School franchise

Expect to be investing about $132,000 to $301,000. The cost of the Parisi Speed School franchise fee is $29,900 with an on-going royalty fee of $1,000 per month. Their term of agreement is not renewable. This franchise can be run from home. They do not allow absentee ownership.

What is included in the franchise package?

There will be an on-line training for staff education and training platforms through the Parisi University. There will be six days training at the headquarters for the coach’s certification. There will also be training for the software that they use which is propriety and customized for the business. The marketing kit has a 12 month marketing program including TV commercials, collateral materials, and a national library of articles.

Parisi Speed School Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Address: 291 Franklin Ave. Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481

Phone: (201)847-1938

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