McDonald’s Franchise

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McDonald’s Franchise Information

McDonald’s is one of the worlds leading fast food restaurants having over 31,000 restaurants in over 118 countries around the globe, and serving more than 58 million customers world wide. McDonald’s is well known for its quick services and tasty food including hamburgers and French fries.
It all started in 1940 when two brothers Dick and Mac opened a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino in California. In 1955 salesman Ray Kroc joined forces with the two brothers to start franchising the operation.
Nowadays more than 75% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by franchisees. 83 % of whom own more than one restaurant. McDonald’s menus have been altered in some countries so as to fit with the country policies and religious beliefs.

McDonald’s franchise requirements information

McDonald’s restaurants are clear about one thing and that is running a McDonald franchise isn’t for every one: it requires a lot of hard work, and a significant capital investment, however this benefits the franchisee both financially and personally. In its efforts to maintain the strength and reputation of the brand, McDonald’s restaurants have a very strict franchisee requirements and selection process.

McDonalds Franchise cost

In the United Kingdom the cost of the McDonald’s franchise is £30,000, an additional £200,000 is required for investment in the restaurant and a training deposit of £5000 is required, this will be refunded after the training has ended. The ongoing costs are about 21.5 % of the total sales. Its breakdown is as follows:
  • · Rent of the premises  – 12%
  • · McDonald’s system service fee – 5%
  • · Marketing contribution –  4.5%
In the United States the franchise fee for McDonald’s is $45,000, and an investment of between $950K and $1.8 million is required. Additionally there is a renewal fee of $45,000, and a royalty fee of 12.5%.

Business Experience:

McDonald’s requires its franchisees to have prior experiences in:
  • · The food service industry
  • · Basic business experience
  • · Marketing and advertising experience

McDonald’s Ownership

McDonald’s restaurant requires the franchisees to be 100% owners, absentee ownership is strictly not allowed.
Personal strengths:
Franchisees must have the following attributes,
  • · An unquestionably good reputation(without a criminal past)
  • · Exceptional  people management and communication skills
  • · Good  leadership skills
  • · Just the perfect personality to become a McDonald’s ambassador.
McDonalds also require its franchisees to put all their other business ventures on hold, that you haven’t been bankrupt, nor have you had a previously failed business venture. Potential Franchisees are also required to keep in mind that they will be expected to be socially responsible, in community issues.
If you have all the above requirements then you get further information, just apply online.
Once you apply to become McDonald’s franchise you will undergo several interviews,  if you are successful you will be able to go through the McDonald’s training program which takes approximately nine months to complete.The training includes visiting other established Mc Donald’s restaurants in order  to observe how things are done, you may sometimes be required to work to get hands on experience.
For further information you can visit the McDonald’s website  Or read the McDonald’s franchise brochure.
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