Just Dogs! Gourmet Franchise

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Just Dogs! Gourmet Franchise

Just Dogs! Gourmet is a franchise for a dog bakery and grooming salon. It was founded by Colleen in August 1998. It was when she first brought home her golden retriever puppy, Lucy.

Giving dog treats is a way to train dogs and when she went to the grocery looking for them, she could not find one that didn’t have preservatives in it. She raised her kids with a nutritious diet and she wants to do the same for Lucy. She baked treats for her in her own kitchen and Lucy loved it. She then started getting requests for the treats until she could no longer meet the demands cooking in her small kitchen. Her daughter, who’s also a dog lover, moved her dog grooming business so Colleen could open a dog bakery and grooming.

Their new shop had her own line of exclusive treats, dog merchandise, dog grooming salon, venue for dog birthday parties with a dog playground and includes cakes and ice creams especially made for dogs. They have been featured in the “Today Show” and they started franchising it nationwide in 2003. You may also be interested in my rare dog breeds website if you are interested in this franchise.

What’s being offered at Just Dogs! Gourmet?

They currently have four types of treats: Deluxe Gourmet Treats which are hand decorated treats that comes in different shapes and sizes and are available in shortbread, peanut butter, molasses, oatmeal, and apple cinnamon. This type also includes donuts in blueberry, cherry, hazelnut, coconut, and Bavarian cream; Gourmet Market Treats is a variety of 12 treats and are sold in bulks and favourites are bacon pups and cheddar cheese pretzels; Canine Confections are hand made locally by the franchisee to ensure its freshness and favourites in this type are truffles in different flavours like raspberry and peanut butter cups; last is the Health Line. These are low fat treats, multiple treats that are vitamin enriched and wheat free treats. Example of vitamin enriched treats are apple cinnamon, bacon cheddar, and carrot cake. These has 38 different vitamins in them and minerals for the muscles, skin, joint, coat and performance. Besides the treats, they also have vitamin supplements that are sprinkled on food. Other offers include spritzs and shampoos for his, hers, and puppy. They also have shampoo for sensitive dogs prone to allergies. These are all chemical free and 100% natural.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Just Dogs! Gourmet Franchise

Expect to be investing about $75,000 to $150,000. Franchise fee is $25,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 4%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement. You have the option on opening either a custom kiosk, stand-alone store, inline store, or store-within-a-store.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There will be training for home office business, bakery and treat decoration, store operations, Just Dogs! Administration system, and point of sale systems. Training will be at the headquarters and on-site at your location. You will be assisted in finding the perfect site for your shop and you will also get exclusivity in your territory within a 5 mile radius.

Contact Details

You May Reach Them At:

Address: 301 Oakspring Rd. Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

Phone: (724)222-3472

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