Instant Tax Service Franchise

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Instant tax service franchise

Instant Tax Service, founded in 2000 by Fez Ogbazion, is one of the United States’ leading retail income tax preparation companies. During its first year of operation the  instant tax service had franchises operating in over 60 locations in the United States, and has continued rapid growth to the present day.

Aggressive Growth

They first started operating franchise in 2004 and are without doubt one of America’s fastest growing franchises;  they currently operates about 1200 locations in 35 states of America. Instant tax service holds the reputation of being able to provide its customers with quick, accurate, efficient service.

A Flexible Franchise

In short it provides excellent quality service and that is the reason of its phenomenal success in just a few years. The best thing about the instant tax franchise is that a franchisee is not limited to just having this franchise, many have other business interests and some do not even leave his/her job, since with this franchise one can work for a period of four months a year which is January to April the peak season for tax firms.

Why you should consider an Instant tax service franchise

Income tax firms are among the most successful firms world wide, this is because the industry is recession resistant, as there will always be the need for tax preparation. IRS reports have shown that over 155 million people filed income tax returns in 2008, which just goes to show that this is the right industry to invest in.

Assistance and Support

· Training Instant tax offers extensive training to its potential franchisee such that they are not required to have nay tax experience before applying for the franchise. Instant tax service provides training to its franchisees in a well structured training facility which can accommodate 30 franchisee each week. The training provided includes hands on practice on running the business.·

Funding for an Instant Tax Service Franchise

It costs $34,000 for an instant tax service franchise fee and you will need to invest a total of £40,000 to $90,000. This level of investment capital is considered to be very reasonable compared to other franchisors, and even if a franchisee is not able to pay, instant tax provides funding options for such franchisees:
Marketing and advertising:Instant tax service provides a Multi-million dollar franchise advertising cooperative to its franchisees to help them get the publicity they need in their areas of business.
Spectacular office designs that make the customers and workers feel comfortable.
On going support through out the years for the franchisee.
Professional Franchise SupportInstant tax service in its efforts to help its franchisee in the road to successfully running his/her business has hired a team of qualified professionals including IT experts, lawyers and legal advisors, human resources personnel, marketing experts and so on who will help the franchisee in every way possible form hiring the best employees, setting up and using the income tax service systems to giving advice about attracting and retaining customers.

Further information about this franchise

Visit their website and fill out the income tax franchise request form
After which you will be sent more information about the instant tax service franchise.
Or contact them by:
Phone: 888.870.1040
Fax: 937.220.9006
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