Golden Spoon Franchise

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Golden Spoon Franchise

Golden Spoon is a franchise for a store specializing in frozen yogurt. It was founded in 1982 and started franchising in 2007.

They are one of the pioneers in the frozen yogurt industry. They pride themselves for having the ability to be in the business for long term. They have survived through the economic turmoil and still growing more than the others in the industry for the past more than 28 years.

All their locations are independently operated and owned because their goal is not to have as many locations as possible but rather, have the most profitable frozen yogurt stores in the industry. One of their techniques is to give a generous exclusivity on territory to prevent over-saturation of the market. They say that they are “the Ice Cream Lovers Yogurt”. They were one of the pioneers in the industry, have managed to cultivate the market, and continued on to be one of the premier brands of frozen yogurts.

What is on the menu at the Golden Spoon?

The sizes of their frozen yogurts are available in mini, small, regular, large, pint, small cone, and waffle cone. Their flavours are all non-fat. Their vanilla is available as double vanilla, old fashioned vanilla, vanilla custard, and vanilla malt. Chocolate is available as chocolate caramel, Belgian chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate malt, just chocolate, chocolate mocha, and milk chocolate. Coffee is available as cappuccino, cafe latte, espresso, classic coffee, kalua ‘n cream, and Irish cream. Fruit flavours are banana strawberry, banana, fresh peach, boysenberry, raspberry, lemon, wild berries, and strawberry. They have exotic and candy flavours in butterscotch, cupcake, cake batter, caramel, raspberry cheesecake, winter mint, pecans and pralines, island coconut, peanut butter, NY cheesecake, and pistachio. They also have special flavours for the holidays like pumpkin pie, egg nog, rootbeer float, peppermint, St. Patrick’s mint, St. Nick’s mint, and 4th of July.

What process do they go through in producing their yogurts?

First, they take Grade A skim milk in California. Then they add the three live active cultures which is needed in turning the milk into yogurt. After this, they start their magic by adding the flavourings. They then place it in a soft serve ice cream machine that turns it into a creamy texture like ice cream.

Cost and requirements on running a Golden Spoon franchise

Expect to be investing about $365,000 to $443,000. The Golden Spoon franchise fee is $35,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. Their terms of agreement are not renewable.

Golden Spoon Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Address: 30212 Tomas, #365 Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688

Phone: (949)709-2750

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