Funky Monkeys Franchise

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Funky Monkeys

A look at the franchise opportunities offered by the Funky Monkey group. The franchise is great for those who have an interest in working with children.

Positive Aspects of running a Funky Monkey Franchise

The market research for the funky monkey franchise has proven to be very positive. Parents and other customer have given many positive reviews about the business due to the perfect combination of the following:

· a unique soft play structure
· Ample and comfortable toddler play area
· A café offering healthy food and treats for kids
· Parent-friendly area
What it takes to become a funky monkey franchisee:
· Fond of working with children
· Want to be your own boss.
· Determined person
· A good business mind
· Finance – the franchise fee is £35,000 plus VAT, A detailed breakdown of typical overall costs and fees is available to seriously interested buyers.

By combining the above qualities with the funky business experience and the strength of the brand one can only expect a very successful business with great financial rewards.

Funky Monkey guides you through setting up your business

A Funky monkey franchise does not require prior experience in this filed as efficient training will be provided to all franchisees.

      Funky monkey is able to support and provide assistance to the franchisee in the following ways
      · Giving advice to the franchisee on how to undertake the whole process of buying and operating the franchise.
      · Training in various areas of the business operation
      · Providing Marketing and advertising methods suitable for the business marketing, and managing your franchise.
      · Provide full consultation on business plans for those franchisees who wish for financial assistance from the bank.
      · Provide experts who will help in selection of the location,fire and safety rules and regulations advice
      · Help to minimize cost due to the friendly relationships between funky monkey and the suppliers that will help the franchise maximize profits
      · Provide help in designing and structuring the play area for the children which is both fun and educative for kids
      · Will help you design and create innovative play equipment which both stimulates and educates children.
      · Advice on how to organize the café and the food to be served there.
      · Planning great opening celebration for the centre.
Funky monkey also have Established franchise that are available for resale for people who are looking to run a business straight away.

Contact Information For This Franchise

For further information on a Funky Monkeys franchise, please fill in this enquiry form on their website, funky monkey will then contact you.
They will plan a meeting during which you will be able to see how funky monkey operates on a day to day basis.
Or contact them through the following address:
Funky monkeys
Po Box 13842 B97 9FD
Or call this number:
Tel/fax: 0844-4145267

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