Firehouse Subs Franchise

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Firehouse Subs Franchise

Firehouse Subs is a franchise for a submarine sandwich shop. It was founded by Chris Sorensen & Robin Sorensen in 1994.

They came from a family that has served as firemen for over 200 years. They tried opening other businesses like in real estate, rock n roll, and Christmas tree farming. They said the despite all this, it seemed as if they were destined to open the Firehouse Subs. Chris Sorensen contributes his creativity when it comes to music, lighting, and textures that makes the ambiance suited for enjoying their food. Robin Sorenson is the one who is fully involved in negotiating and being the ambassador of Firehouse Subs. Chris and Robin Sorensen also founded the Firehouse Subs Safety Foundation which they are very passionate about.

What is on the menu at Firehouse Subs?

For their Hot Specialty Subs, they have the Hook and Ladder Sub which has smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and Monterey Jack.  They also have the Firehouse Meatball, New York Steamer Sub, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Italian, Firehouse Steak and Cheese, Club on a Sub, Firehouse Hero Sub, Engineer Sub, and Smokehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket.  Other Hot Subs include Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, Corned Beef Brisket, Pastrami, Sliced Chicken Breast, Premium Roast Beef, and Veggie. They also have Cold Subs like White Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad. You can opt to have these Subs “Fully Involved” which means serving it with mustard, mayo, tomato, lettuce, onion, and dill spear on the side or add extra cheese, bacon, or mushrooms. You can also choose to “Make it a Double” by just adding $2 and it means putting double the amount of meat on a medium sub.

They also have the Chief’s Salad, Firehouse Chili, chips, brownie, or cookie on the side. For the kids, they have Hot Ham and Provolone, Hot Turkey and Provolone, Hot Grilled Cheddar Cheese, and Hot Meatball. If you are eating as a group, they have platters like the Deluxe Sub Platter that includes roast beef and turkey, provolone with ham and turkey, Genoa salami and Pepperoni and this is good for 10. Other platters are Make it a Platter Pack, Half Platter with Sub and Salad or Half Platter with Sub and Snack. They also have Salad Platters and Dessert Platters with choices of Brownie, Cookie, or a Combo or cookies and brownies.

Costs and requirement on running a Firehouse Subs franchise

Expect to be investing about $200,300 to $386,000. The Firehouse Subs franchise fee is $20,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement. You will need about 18 employees to run one location.  They do not allow absentee ownership.

What is included in the franchise package?

There will be two weeks training at the Firehouse Subs headquarters and six weeks at your location. You will be receiving newsletters, attend meetings, access to the internet, and assistance at the grand opening. You may also expect occasional field evaluations to check on your progress. For marketing, there will be ad slicks, regional advertising, and national media.

Firehouse Subs Contact Details

You may reach them at:

Address: 3410 Kori Rd. Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Phone: (904)886-8300

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