Dream Dinners Franchise

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Dream Dinners Franchise

Dream Dinners is a franchise for a meal preparation service. It was founded by Tina Kuna and Stephanie Allen in Snohomish, Washington in 2001.

They started franchising in 2003. Currently, there are 130 franchises in 30 states. Dram Dinners was designed specifically for people on the go but still wants to be able to serve nutritious meals to their families. They have been featured in Oprah magazine and Food Networks’ Recipe for Success. They were also at CBS Evening News “Bright Spot”, recommended by Dr. Phil as a mother’s day gift, and NBC New York.

How does Dream Dinners work?

Every month, there’s about 17 kinds of recipes available to choose from. The customer would go online and choose the menu and register for a meal assembly session at the nearest Dream Dinners location. Guests bring their box containers and as they enter, someone will explain the process to them. There would be recipe stations and prepared ingredients scooping stations. Other containers like zip top bags and baking pans would be available for them place the recipes on. When they get home, the ingredients, all sorted and prepared, are placed in the freezer. A week before they use it, it is placed in the refrigerator. This saves them time preparing, saves money because they only buy the exact amount that they need, and saves time having to go to the grocery store. When they’re ready to cook it, it would take less time since all the preparation has been done and no more clean-ups. You don’t need to worry about it spoiling because each menu will be labelled as to when it should be consumed.

What’s on the menu at Dream Dinners?

Each location has their own variation of menu but here’s a few examples. Featured the best of the best this month are firehouse three cheese pasta with meatballs, arroz con pollo, and chicken marsala with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. For quick preparations, they can choose between asian pork loin and Colorado beef roast. Classic favourites are monte cristo chicken, Sonoma grill steaks, greek island shrimp with pasta, salmon and crab pinwheels, and mexican meatballs. Specials for this month are Mediterranean cod, buffalo chicken stuffed French bread, chicken with balsamic fig sauce, Jamaican pork chops with jasmine rice, island chilli steaks, and penne with chicken and peanut sauce.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Dream Dinners Franchise

Expect to be investing about $245,000 to $367,000. Franchise fee is $35,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement. General business and marketing experience is an advantage. 10% of franchisees own more than 1 unit and each unit would need about 5 employees. They don’t allow absentee ownership.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There will be 1 week training at the headquarters and 2 days training at your location. You will be receiving newsletters, attending meeting, and getting assistance for the grand opening. There will be occasional field evaluations and you will have access to purchasing cooperatives to get you good deals on the things you need to run your business. For marketing support, there would be ad slicks, national media and regional advertising.

Contact Details

You May Reach Them At:

Address: P.O. Box 889 Snohomish, Washington 98291

Phone: (425)397-3511

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