Didoughs Twisted Pretzel Franchise

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Didoughs Twisted Pretzel Franchise

Clay and Sandra Begley are the masterminds behind Didoughs Twisted Pretzel. They spent most of their young years within the service and health industry, where they picked up the necessary education and experience to build a successful empire.

The two of them came up with this idea as they had been searching for a while to find something that would coincide with Sandra’s main idea, which was to bake and spend as much time as possible with her family. Being a nurse, she felt that it will be a good idea to start a business, but the one concern she had was that it should be healthy because she knew exactly what bad food can do to you. She felt that if it is something healthy, which she can feed to her family and they enjoy it, it would be a great product to sell to other people. Pennsylvania is the big capital where pretzels are the king and this seemed like the one and only choice when it came to formulating a successful pretzel business. Before they started Didoughs Twisted Pretzel, Sandra spent more than a fair share of hours in the kitchen figuring out the best dough for these pretzels. According to her, it had to have a great taste, however must be a source of carbohydrates, which will be good for the customers.

They currently have a few franchises in locations such as Council Bluffs, Lufkin TX, Peru IL, Peoria IL, Rockford IL and then there are a few more franchises which will be available very soon. It might sound like a very big step in life to take, but in the end, you will regret not giving it a chance. This is especially true because you might lose the remarkable benefits and support which the owners Clay and Sandra are able to offer you. You should understand that this is their passion and if you mess it up, they will be the ones looking bad. Therefore, they literally make it their mission to assist you in as many ways as possible, so that you too can be successful. If your business is successful they get the satisfaction that they have helped another person to become part of their business family.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Didoughs Twisted Pretzel Franchise

The amount of money you will need to start this business is about two hundred and eighty four thousand dollars for the initial investment. You also need to pay the franchise fee, which is around twenty five thousand dollars, together with the 5% ongoing royalty fee. You can sign a ten-year contract with them, which you can renew should you wish to continue.

 Contact Details

If you are interested in starting a Didoughs Twisted Pretzel franchise, you can visit the available website which is www.didoughs.com or you can give them a call at 1 888 didoughs. If you cannot get hold of them here, you can always try to send them a fax at 1 815 646 4233.

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