Dairy Queen Franchise

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Dairy Queen, is one of the most well known fast food restaurant in the world, by 2005 dairy queen had 5700 restaurants in 22 countries.

It was formed in 1940 by J.F.  McCullough in Joliet, Illinois, it first started with serving ice cream, sundae and later began to serve foods like, burgers, fruit juices and drinks and smoothies dairy queen started operating franchises in 1944.

Dairy queen franchise is currently looking for franchises in and outside of the US, in places like, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Mexico, Asia, Canada, Middle East and others.

There are two franchises available one for DQ Orange Julius® store, which deals with serving smoothies and cool DQ Grill & Chill® restaurant which serves burgers, sandwiches and salads

Dairy Queen franchisees requirements

DQ require franchisee who

. Have experience in retail and/or restaurants and food service ownership.

. A  well organized business management plan

. Sufficient  capital to develop the restaurant

Financial Requirements for a Dairy Queen Franchise

Dq grill &chill financial Requirements:

The franchise fee is 35,000 USD.

A new franchisee however should have a net worth of minimum 750,000 USD.

Dq orange Julius Financial Requirements:

The franchise fee is 25000 USD, however a franchisee should have a net worth of 200,000 USD

Assistance and Support from Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen offers the following assistance and support to its franchisees:

. Choosing the perfect location for the business. this will be done by the real estate managers of dairy queen, who will help with reviewing the areas, the market potential and negotiate leases among other things.

. Architecture and Construction: this will be done by the DQ architecture department and will help by giving you architecture and contractor  referrals, provide a construction plan,

. Training, DQ provides training to the franchisees in the customer service, leadership, daily operations and routine, equipment usage and maintenance areas.

. Providing an operations consultant who will help in staffing process , establishing daily routines, rules and regulation,

. Providing a business consultant who helps franchisees with developing business plans and in the long run improve sales and profits.

. Marketing and advertising DQ through its regional marketing manage helps with creating a marketing program, a grand opening celebration, promotion program and so on.

How to Apply for a Dairy Queen Franchise

The first thing to do is to complete the request form at this url       http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/own-a-dq/request-info/

(Note: this is not an application form it is just an inquiry form and may be used for those interested to buying and developing a new DQ franchise restaurant and not for those who want to buy an already existing franchise. For those who wish to buy an already established franchise they should contact the seller/owner directly.) DQ will then send you through email more information about the franchise and a form for you to fill and send back. The following inquiry form is for use only if you are interested in developing a new DQ restaurant receiving the form DQ s franchise recruiter will contact you to talk about the available franchise opportunities .and explain how to continue with the application process.

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