Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes Franchise

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Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes Franchise

For over seventy-five years, Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes have been creating some of the most wonderful Dagwood combinations.

The history of this business is remarkable and all thanks to the brilliant mind of Chic Young, who created the Blondie comic strips. Chic Young passed all of his creativity and knowledge on to his son Dean Young, who is continuing with the Blondie comic strips. People have been following these strips for years and Dagwood is like a brother to most of them. Due to the brilliant foresight and business head of Dean Young, you can now have any Dagwood sandwich you can possibly imagine. Dean is crazy about a great sandwich and only because of his love for these lovely meals, he created the Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes with franchises everywhere. When you walk into one of these franchises, you will enter a new world of Dagwood’s life. You will find the place colourful and exciting, enticing every single one of your taste buds. It is all of this and the passion behind the business from Dean, which ensures that Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes, is not only a success today still, but also a great legend in the comic world.

Benefits Associated with Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes Franchise

You will not regret the great amount of benefits you will receive when you open a Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes franchise. You receive endless support from the owners from Dagwood’s to assist you all the way through, from the first day that you apply for a franchise right through after you have opened the business. They also assist you with training the staff who will be working for you. The initial set up will also not be a problem for you, as they give you advice regarding the set up of the shop, the décor and even the location. Some of these franchise owners or the Dagwood’s owner Dean Young, will arrange for someone to come to your shop and work with you for a while until you are on your feet. This person will be the one who will assist with the necessary training. Thinking about the great amount of combinations they have available for their sandwiches, you will surely need to train your chefs accordingly. This is not something which you will be able to open and start with overnight. The amount of things which you need to take into consideration is endless.

Costs and Requirements Associated with Running a Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

If you are considering opening such a franchise, you need to apply by sending them an email with your queries and information. You will need to put through a proper proposal which will include your location, initial capital layout that you have available, staff employment, your working history and much more. It will cost you about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars if you want to start this without problems. However, don’t worry about this initial investment because you will surely make a profit soon enough after the location has been opened.

Contact Details

You can contact them via the website which is www.dagwoods-sandwiches.com

Address: 360 W, Indiana, Avenue Suite D Valparaiso, IN, 46383

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