Cousins Subs Franchise

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Cousins Subs Franchise

In June 1972, Bill Specht and his cousin Jim Sheppard decided to open their own business. They called it “Cousins subs”, which they ran together with their wives.

The reason why Bill decided to ask his cousin Jim to join him is because he had lost his job during the late 60’s and he felt that nobody in America can make subs the way they make it in the East. He was born in New Jersey and Bill felt that nobody could compare with the Jersey people and with their subs. Some would say it is a shame that Bill lost his job, which is in a sense, but because he was so determined, he turned his loss into a lifetime success. With the help of a baker in the area, they created a secret recipe for special bread, which they have been using ever since opening the venue when creating the subs. Each one of the Cousins stores bakes fresh bread several times throughout the day. The freshness of the products and the special bread made them the success they are today. With a business standing strong for the last thirty years, you will surely make no mistake in starting such a franchise.

Benefits Associated with Running a Cousins Subs Franchise

You will get more than your fare share of benefits if you do decide to open a Cousins subs franchise. By just opening Cousins subs, this already gives you an advantage over your possible competitors. This is simply because you are opening a franchise from a company which has been successful in the industry for over thirty years. People will visit you due to the fact they feel that you will deliver the same quality products and services as the original owners. Once you decide to look for a location, the Cousins subs team will assist you in finding a suitable area, they will provide you with training program and they will also offer guideline for your marketing and operations strategies. Not only will they assist you with all of these, but they will be able to help you every step of the way regarding the actual venue construction, in order to get your business up to date and running. With such a team all the way behind you, you will definitely be successful.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running a Cousins Subs Franchise

Your investment in such a franchise is not high at all and your initial costs will be affordable for someone who does not have millions in the bank. Together with these low costs, they offer you a reduced franchise fee of only twelve thousand five hundred dollars. The liquid capital you will need is around two hundred thousand dollars and the required net worth is about three hundred thousand dollars. In order for you to run this franchise in a successful manner, you will need a total investment of about one million two hundred thousand dollars.

Contact Details

You can get hold of Cousins subs on the website or use the following contact details:

Tel : (262) 253 7700

Fax : (262) 253 7710

Toll free : (800) 238 9736

Address: Leon Road, Menomonee Falls-WI 53051.

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