Corporate Caterers Franchise

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Corporate Caterers Franchise

Corporate Caterers is a franchise for a caterer who services corporate gatherings. Dennis McGinley and his partner Jim Gass started Corporate Caterers in 1997 in Miami, Fl.

The concept was discovered by the two through an observation that companies have been serving food to their clients while they entertain them. Employees alike are served food as they present their products. They realized the demand for very good food and a very reliable service as it sets the mood of people. Elda McGinley came into the picture in 2000. She has helped in developing their operations to cope with the advanced corporate world. The Boca Raton, Florida facility is opened in 2002. This is their second corporate office. Corporate Caterers expanded really well in 2008 in Florida. I two years, they already had 8 locations there. Then they opened their third corporate office was opened in Myers. To date, they now also have locations outside Florida like in Columbus, Ohio and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate Caterers has build up an innovative concept that is particularly designed for corporate gatherings. They are very critical in presenting food in a professional manner. Quality ingredients, variety of choices and professional and reliable service have been the foundation of their successful business.

What’s on the menu?

They serve breakfast, lunch and appetizers sets and dinner. They have the signature selections, corporate selections and the Florida Favourites. Included on their signature collections is the Caribbean Steak & Chicken Combo. It’s a marinated flank steak and boneless chicken breast in mild Caribbean spices served with tropical fruit salsa, yellow island rice. In their corporate selections, they have Italian dishes like Pasta Italiano and Parmesan Crusted Chicken and from the Orient; they have Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fire Roasted Orange Chicken. They also have the Chilled Selections which includes Chicken Caesar Salad, and the Deli Picnic Basket. The deli picnic basket has deli style sandwiches with meats and cheese and served with tomato and sweet pepper salad or fruit salad. They offer a range of appetizer packages that ranges from $12.95-$22.45 per person. If you have a preference to serve dinner, you can choose from Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Cuban American, Pacific American, or Kansas City Style BBQ. You also have the option to serve desserts. You can either get the Cookies, Brownies & Sweet Breads Dessert Platter for only $2.95 per person or you can get the Fancy Sweets Platter for $6.95 per person. Whether you’re in a budget or willing to splurge, they certainly have a package that fits you perfectly.

Costs and Requirements of a Corporate Caterers franchise

Net worth requirement is $200,000 with a total liquid asset of at least $60,000. Total investment would be at around $86,000-$188,000. Franchise fee is $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 4%. This is for a renewable 10 year term agreement. They allow absentee ownership.

What’s included in the franchise package?

There will be training at the headquarters for 4 weeks and at your location for 10 days. You will be receiving franchisees newsletters and will have meetings with other franchisees. You will also be provided a toll free number to call for support. For marketing and advertising, they will include ad slicks, national media, and regional advertising.

Contact Details

You can reach them at:

Phone: (877)523-1230/ (305)223-1230

Address: 4155 S.W. 130th Ave., #208 Miami, Florida 33175

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