Cinnabon Franchise

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Cinnabon is a franchise for a bakery serving primarily cinnamon rolls.

Cinnabon Franchise Information

Cinnabon was first introduced in Seattle, Washington in 1985. It was a bakery at the Sea Tac Mall and before, they served nothing else but cinnamon rolls. In 1986, the first franchised store was opened in Philadelphia. They initially targeted malls but in 1991, they opened the first sore outside a mall in Detroit’s Wayne Country Airport. They expanded and now have stores in universities, transit stations, military bases like in Elmendorf Air Force Base that opened in 1999, and theme parks such as The Universal Studios Florida that opened in 2001.
They have also expanded globally reaching as far as Asia.  Its first international branch was in Vancouver in 1987. To date, they have more than 600 stores worldwide. You will find them in Australia, Caracas, Japan, Venezuela, and in Tokyo.

What is Served Up at a Cinnabon Franchise

What’s on the menu? The first bakery only served the original Cinnabon Rolls then they had the Minibons which is just a small version that they launched in 1987. The cinnamon they use is a certain type called the Makara Cinnamon that they get from Indonesia.
Each bakery has its own small kitchen where they make each roll from scratch and it stays on the counter for only 60 minutes to assure the customers that they always get it fresh from the oven. In 1998, they came up with the beverages like the Mochalatta Chill which is still part of the menu now. The Pecanbon was founded in 1997 and the Cinnabon Stix in 2001. More choices for beverages came out in 2005 which they called Chillatas. They also have the Cinnabon Bites which is just like the original cinnabon rolls in bite size, has a Makara cinnamon filling, has a cream cheese frosting on top, and since its bite size, it comes in an easy to carry packaging. Just this year, they have come up with the Cinnabon Cupcakes. Their slogan, “Anything else is just a cupFake”. The new cupcakes took 556 trial recipes until they came about the perfect ones.
These Cinnabon Cupcakes comes in 4 flavours, Cinnacake which is based from the original cinnamon rolls, the Chocolate Passion that is a moist  chocolate cake with  buttercream frosting, the Vanilla Bliss with buttercream frosting in a vanilla flavour, and the 24-Carrot Cake which is a mixture of carrot, pineapple and coconut that is topped with a frosting of cream cheese orange flavoured sugar sprinkles.

Costs and Requirements of a Cinnabon Franchise

What do you need to be able to franchise a Cinnabon Bakery? You have to have a net worth of $300,000 and a total liquid asset of at least $100,000. Total investment is around $175,457-$362,960. Franchise fee is $30,000 with an on-going royalty fee of 6%. This is for a renewable 20 year term agreement.

Cinnabon Franchise Training and Support

What’s included in the franchise package? There will be training at the headquarters for 5 days then 3-5 days at your location. There will also be additional training annually. Part of the on-going support is the franchisees newsletters and meetings, toll free phone line and assistance on the grand opening. They will help you negotiate with the purchasing cooperatives. You will also receive on-going support for marketing and advertising.

Cinnabon Franchise Contact Details

You may reach them at:
Phone: (404)255-3250
Address: 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy., #200 Atlanta, Georgia 30342
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