Carl’s Jr. Restaurants Franchise

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Carl’s Jr. Restaurants Franchise

Carl Jr is a wholly owned subsidiary; the parent company is CKE Restaurants, competing in the fast food industry with its headquarters in Anaheim, California, U.S. It was founded in 1941 by Carl Karcher and its started franchising in 1984.

Carl Jr has manages to built a reputation as America´s best burger brand and has more than 1,218 restaurants all over the world in more than 14 countries. Carl Jr is continuously working in improving its menu by providing customers with new and innovative meals. Other than the burgers, Carl Jr also provides its customers with ice cram shakes and malts, all through out the day.

Carl Jr has been ranked at number 52 in Franchise 500 rank in 2010, number 99 in the fastest growing franchises in 2009 and number 45 in America’s top global franchises in 2010.

How to start the process of getting a Carl Jr. Franchise

The process of gaining a Carl Jr franchise is a comprehensive one including two main processes; the application process and the development process. The application process involves six steps namely, application submission, financial approval, development strategy meeting, pre qualification review, training and signing of the final agreement. The development process includes seven steps, securing the location, submitting the real estate package, franchise agreement, developing the site, training the crew, grand opening approval and then the opening of the franchise.

Cark Jr allocates a specific business consultant to every franchise restaurant who assists and helps in improving all the business and marketing activates. There is also a research and development team which is continuously working on testing new products and ensuring quality.

Carl Jr itself does not provide financing but it has connections with a number of financial providers who are trust worthy.

The Carl Jr restaurants provide training and support at every step of the franchising process. Before the opening of the franchise, it provides support in the form of selection of site, restaurant design, construction, ordering equipment and training. After the opening of the franchise, Carl Jr provides support in the form of research and development activities, marketing and advertising, franchise services, field support and assisting in operating new business activities.

Costs and Requirements of a Carl Jr. Franchise

There are some requirements to gain a franchise of Carl Jr, these include, prior industry and general business experience and preferably operational experience in restaurants but not necessary. A net worth of $1,000,000 and liquid assets of $300,000 are also pre requisite for a franchise of Carl Jr.

The total investment required for franchise of Carl Jr ranges from $1,325,000 – $1,766,000 and the franchise fee is $25,000. The multi unit development includes a minimum of 3 restaurants, in this case the franchise fee varies, $25,000 for the first and second, $20,000 for the third and fourth and $15,000 for five or more. Royalty fee is 4% of the gross sales and the term of franchise agreement is 20 years with 12 week franchise training. There is also a $10,000 development fee for per unit developed.

Contact Details

The contact information for Carl Jr is 6307 Carpentaria Ave, Carpentaria, California 93013. Phone number (866) 253-7655 and website:

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